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Today's athelete is becoming a turn off


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I got news for you...the little I know of you, you wouldn't be hanging with the crowd of my generation or this generation. You seem like a well balanced type of guy if you get my drift.

I had my wild days. But I guess my whole point is when do athletes ever have to assume responsibility? I fully think Braylon's move is just stupid and dangerous. I'd be lying if I said I never did I have. But would I do it now? Of course not. I'm married, and have a son, I'm responsible for them and part of that responsibility is responsibility to myself. My point being lots of athletes are overgrown boys living life at 100 MPH. I think this type of behavior has always existed, always. As some other have pointed out the world of twitter, messageboards, internet make it front and center.

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And for what its worth, I witnessed with my own 2 eyes Plaxico Buress and Joey Porter drinking Henessy straight out of the bottle at a club in southbeach. Watched them leave the club with said bottle wrapped in a bar towel, and then they both jumped into a Lambo and Porter sped off. You're supposed to drink and drive in Southbeach. It's the trendy thing to do.

Shook Plax's hand that night, it was 3 times the size of mine. You know what that means.

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Pacman Jones is my hero.

I model the roles I play in life based on him. He's the best. I can't wait until I have kids that I can teach them to make it rain.

Me and my future kids learn everything know from athletes! I enjoy knowing I have a ready made group of men to blame a future f*ked up kid on.

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I'm not talking about second jobs and how much better or well off the athlete is today.

I'm talking about behavior.

You had just as many a$Shole athletes in the '60's and '70's as you do now. I know, I was around back then following sports. The difference is you didn't hear about the bad behavior until days, weeks, months, sometimes even years later when someone wrote a book and by that time nobody cared.

There was no internet, or mass media, back then which means there weren't as many media whores trying to make a name for themselves. Guys following the teams who were privy to some of the negativity rarely wrote about it because of the impact it would have on their ability to work with the team.

Guys like Joe Namath and Mickey Mantle were perceived as partying, fun loving, but harmless playboys. "Boys will be boys" type guys. Mantle was a well known womanizer even though he was married, yet you never read about that in the media back then.

If they played today, both players would be perceived completely different than they are today.

Behavior hasn't changed. Only the way it is now reported.

No doubt in my mind.

Exactly correct,

When Jim Bouton released the book "Ball Four" back in I think 1970, Bouton was basically shunned by the entire sports world after that cause he blew the whistle on everything. The partying, the woman, the drugs. All there is black and white for people to read.

The funny thing is ,if you read it now you would be like "Yeah so" that not a big deal.

If guys like Namath and Mantle played in this era they would be front page news on the lead story on every talk radio show 24-7.

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