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  2. You don't get to the top of the mountain like Le'veon Bell, have the 2nd most yards per touch behind the great Jim Brown without being a BALLER. IM LOVING THIS SH*T because the great athletes have huge chips on their shoulders. Forget about what the fans say, how about what his TEAMMATES said? RBs get hit more than any player on the field! Sure the guys fight it out in the trenches, FROM 6" away! RB get hit at full speed, guys trying to take your legs out, gang tackles, ect. I thought it was PUNK AZZ for his teammates to turn on him after what Bell has accomplished for that organization. Players should NEVER get involved with another mans contract or livelihood, keep your mouth shut & say no comment. The NFL is a f*cking BUSINESS and no fan should forget that. It ain't the Rooneys getting cracked on the sideline by a 250 Lb LB! I want Lev Bell chomping at the bit for the season to start. You shut up haters by performing. I can't wait to see this guy in these new Jet Unis. Dude looks great in Stealth Black!
  3. He isn’t wrong, the dude works as hard as anyone in the league yet everyone says he is fat, lazy, selfish (yeah well he probably is, but I’ve yet to meet an elite athlete who is at the top of their sport who isn’t, and I have one in my family, and everything has revolves around her from 8th grade till today as she enters her senior year in HS). Dude is gonna ball, yes he is gonna bitch when we lose, and he doesn’t get the ball, but they all do so what.
  4. This rant isn't about Jet fans, Bell has been roasted on Social media by Steelers fans. They are relentless because Bell didn't leave because he didn't like Pittsburgh, or Big Ben like that idiot Antonio Brown, he left because he admittedly said, I'm not gonna let these guys run me into the ground. There isn't a Steeler fan alive that doesn't know Bell is a special RB, but they are literally praying he gets hurt, or stinks with the Jets but deep down, way down deep in their heart of hearts they know DAMN WELL Lev is gonna bore another azzhole into their defense when the Steelers come to Metlife. Steeler fans have come up with every excuse as to why they're glad he left now, but that isn't stopping them from needling him every chance they get on Social Media. Questioning Bell is coming more from the NY sports media trying to get clicks than by Jet fans. Look what Curtis Martin did for the Jets during the Parcells years, Bell is gonna BALL OUT and get breathers from TY who's like Bell lite.
  5. I remember when people used to say STFU to me Pat Mahomes isn’t gonna cut it coming from an air raid system. Bosa will be a monster, he took care of himself past season he is healthy as an ox.
  6. lol Tom using anything and everything to make Bell seem like a bad signing is a amusing.
  7. I'm pretty sure Macc read an article in February that said Bell was one of the top free agents available and he said, "Oh, let's get that one." Let's not credit Macc with some grand plan to target Le'Veon Bell at a time when he had just plunked down some decent coin for the Isaiah "buttwipe" Crowell. The credit Macc with primarily two things - 1) Sticking to BPA early in Round 1 despite need and 2) his "all in" approach to land Sam Darnold. For the latter I give him much more credit than most people here. They were scouting Sam for several years, Macc was taking trips to SoCal often, they executed a quasi-tank in 2017 to get in striking distance and then Macc made a very ballsy move with a trade a full month before the Draft to get to #3. But yeah, other than that...lots of swings and misses, and blatant negligence when it comes to the OLine.
  8. Whether you keep McGuire or Powell, you're gonna be looking to replace whoever's left in a year or two. So why not keep the RB who's currently better at everything? Powell's a better runner, better receiver, better blocker. I'd be looking to move on from him in a couple years when he deteriorates to playing at McGuire's current level. Two years from now, Bell will be 29 1/2 with a base salary of $8M in 2021 becoming fully guaranteed in March, too. The smart move would be to be looking for a potential replacement for Bell, let alone Powell or McGuire, by then in the draft.
  9. The second step is realizing you don't give a rat's behind what those random people post anonymously anyway. The random guy calling him lazy probably spends eight hours a day on the couch eating new formulations of mac'n'cheese on a daily basis.
  10. Dammit Shane!! What have you done this time!?!? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. Okay, I'll go and inject myself with some Thorazine and then translate his post for you, brb P.S. If I'm not back soon, I'm probably dead
  12. What was @joewilly12 saying here? It’s not #pilltime until 4, so this was a little unclear
  13. You don't need to tag someone when you're directly quoting them, you know.
  14. The players can be attributed to Christopher Johnson. We have continuity and proven leadership. SAR I
  15. No such thing as reverse racism, only racism, which can be committed by anyone. No one group of people have a monopoly or are excluded from that act or thought pattern.
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