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  2. Sticks, balls, holes and a lot of carpet
  3. Great post! Stick to what you know (PS it’s not QB’s 🤣). Seriously though I know the RB position is the most controversial to pay, but the situation the Jets are in with a cheap young QB getting a true DUDE on the field at that position like Bell is/was/will be what catapults the Jets, and Darnold the next 2 years.
  4. What is an adult pool table? Sounds dirty.
  5. They likely win the division? Way to go out on a limb. They were like 7 games up. No way they win the WS? Why? You have some insight in your crystal ball? The Expos were the only team with a better record and they hadn't even made the post season since the early 80's. They were a different team than 1996, yet their win percentage was 60 points higher.
  6. Rookies on the 19th, vets on the 24th...right?
  7. Seeing as many Jet fans are also Yankee fans, the short answer is yes.
  8. I didn't forget, they didn't win in '94. They likely would have won the division (no way they win the WS) but the season got cancelled. Very jinx like 😁 The 94 team was very different than 96. Key was great in 93 and 94, he was the Ace. In 96 he was their third starter. In 94 they didn't have Tino, Cecil, Jeter, Hayes, cone, Duncan, Girardi, Straw, Sojo, Pettitte, Mariano, wetteland, Lloyd, Nelson, etc...
  9. This is such a genius move. Gase is such a genius. This Matt guy is genius too. I wasn't sure about a Superbowl, but now it's almost guaranteed.
  10. I feel we would be the absolute E-PIT-O-ME of good sports.
  11. Learn not to be so vague. What the hell is garb and Troy Brown? What's it got to do with her?
  12. It's a game, it's' a toy. It's not some official simulation device. It's a kids game but now video games are the new adult pool table. Give me a ps4 right now, pop on a madden. I'd happily mess with it. I wish someone would finally take all the graphic tech etc.. and make a football game that looked like it was the 20s,30s, 40s. Old uniforms and stuff. Even a decent 1970s look to it maybe.
  13. We were tied for 11th with 19 dropped passes. Yeah, Sam Darnold is inaccurate because his completion percentage says he is. Lol.
  14. Almost a full hour and not one snide remark from Shane? Something's not right ...
  15. Here you go. Facts. Enjoy. Through October 23 last year Jets were 7th in the league in dropped pass percentage. Interesting take in the article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetswire.usatoday.com/2018/10/23/jets-among-the-worst-in-the-nfl-in-dropped-passes/amp/ Ended up tied for 11th. http://stats.washingtonpost.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?range=nfl&rank=232&type=receiving In all, 19 dropped passes. If 13 of those were Darnold’s he’s a 61% completion guy and according to you, accurate. Please stop, completion percentage does NOT equal accuracy. Or continue repeating nonsense.
  16. Lol what are you saying? You mean she'd be cuter with a Troy Brown jersey?
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