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Deion Sanders in trouble

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It might have taken a bit longer than some might have expected, but Deion Sanders officially lost it. In the midst of an interview with a Dallas-Fort Worth radio station, Sanders was asked yet again about allegations that the charter school he co-founded, Prime Prep Academy, was engaging in illegal recruiting to bring players in for its football and basketball program. His response was to play the race card and blame all the negative attention the school has received on a white reporter whom he called an "African American killer."

As noted by the Dallas Morning News, Sanders shifted the focus from Prime Prep to an unnamed reporter, believed to be Brett Shipp, the excellent high school sports reporter for DFW TV network WFAA. You may remember Shipp from earlier this fall, when he was accosted by Prime Prep players and coaches when he attempted to watch practice across from the team's public practice facility.

In that incident, Sanders was the lone figure who didn't approach Shipp. This time, he didn't hold back.

"First of all, this all started mainly by a Caucasian reporter from a news station, Channel 8, you know who I'm talking about, and he seems like he's the African American killer," Sanders told Dallas radio station KRLD. "It's always something against a brother. And that bothers me. I've never been accused of cheating with anything, in any sports, in any arena, in my life. Now to be accused of something as stupid and as simplistic as this and all I have is 30 kids out there. And the sad thing about it, Channel 8 and Dallas Morning News, they're partners."

Just digest that for a moment. Sanders is accusing a reporter who has toed a fairly straight line of being an "African American killer."

Sanders didn't stop at attacking Shipp, though, going on to claim that Prime Prep was planning a lawsuit against the other schools in their would-be district in an attempt to earn their squads a competitive spot moving forward.

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