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Classic TV vs Reality TV mafia - basic game


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This is what I was afraid of modding here. The night actions will finish coming in during the morning, while I'm sleeping, and y'all will have to wait for me to get up to start day. I'm sorry in advance for making you wait.

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That must be it. Impressive as always sh*tlock Holmes.


No! WAIT...


WOW. Never realized you had such great original material! HAHAHA...SOOO funny!

LOL and ROFL and the like!

I'm going to eat you.

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I like italian food, if I'm going to eat my own poop - I want it to be made of spaghetti.

Hmmm.... this is very much a chicken / egg scenario...

there is no scenario.

the egg came first by several billion years.

and if a tree falls in the forest and there is no ear to hear it... it does not make sound. sensory perception 101.

and one hand clapping... Bart Simpson demonstrated this better than I can explain it.

the sh*t eating reference is biblical so I won't get into it I this forum. but... spaghetti would be the wrong choice.

that is all.

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My dad is going in for emergency surgery soon so I'll be a bit scarce.

Best of luck to him. You and your family will be in our thoughts. :)

Don't worry about mafia, take care of what is important. We'll be here jack assing around when all is good.

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