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Silence of the lambs - if Ryan doesn't speak by friday, the jets will be in violation of the league's media policy " ~ ~ ~


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so im looking at these candidates. several of these names flat out suck. Jerry Angelo was awful with the bears. Worse than Tanny. Tom Heckert thought Brandon Weeden was worth a first round pick. Joey Clinkscales is a good man but how is that such a big change from Tanny? The ravens guys, the falcons and niners guys ok. and sure Marc Ross would probably do a good job.

I agree. In a way, the Jets might be better off putting Bradway in charge for one year. With Rex as the head coach the Jets will be 4-12 no matter who the GM is. Then, fire Rex, draft a QB, sing some free agents.

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See, what we do in upstate NY is go to work.

Some if us have a job.

Oh geezuzzzz you just opened the door for the obligatory "I get paid 6 figures to swag my swag on JN all day brah" horsesh*t from the resident prag.

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Media is spinning this nonsense. I personally don't care about waiting a few more days. However, we have not earned the benefit of the doubt this year. The wait is planned, and I can't help but wonder if it is just in the Jets' best interest to pay the fine and wait until the GM search is finished. A Rex firing is still in play until the new GM says he is staying.

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According to the Deadspin article related to Rex's Bahamas vacation.

According to the New York Post's Mark Cannizzaro, writing in New York Jets: The Complete Illustrated History, it was in those very same Bahamas that Jets then-owner Leon Hess was vacationing after the 1994 season when he heard some fateful news: The Eagles had just fired head coach Rich Kotite.



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It's a non story. Either Rex will be fired as soon as new GM comes aboard, or they are just waiting until they hire the new GM. And what will Rex really say? He is running with his tail between his legs and there are no more bravado over the top excuses and conversations. Woody probably doesn't trust him to say the right things, so he was told to take a vacation.

Or the Jets already know who they are going to hire as GM, which means the past week of lists were just PR considering Woody has also been MIA and hasn't interviewed anybody.

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Rex, Woody will speak ... Tuesday

Call it one last delay-of-game penalty for the mistake-prone Jets.

The organization, under fire for not making owner Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan available to discuss the season and the firing of GM Mike Tannenbaum, announced Wednesday that Johnson and Ryan will conduct a "season ending" news conference next Tuesday.By waiting that long, the Jets will be in violation of the league's media policy, which states that the coach and a team official must conduct a news conference during the week after the season ends. The NFL will look into the matter, a league spokesman said.

By then, the Jets will be a few days into their general-manager search. In fact, the interviews are slated to begin Friday and run through the weekend. There is no chance they will have a new GM by Tuesday's news conference. The process could take up to three or four weeks.Even though Johnson indicated in a statement Monday that Ryan will be back as coach, the delay has fueled speculation about his future. Ryan told the team Monday morning he will be back and, according to sources, he gave no indication in his Monday staff meeting that he's plotting an exit strategy. Ryan gave the coaching staff off until Monday. In fact, Ryan is out of town on vacation, sources said. Deadspin reported that he's in the Bahamas.

"Everyone is in limbo," one source said.

Another source described Ryan as "anxious" because of the uncertainty surrounding the organization. Even though he received a public vote of confidence from Johnson, albeit in a press release, Ryan has concerns because he won't have any input in the GM interviews, sources said. Ryan could end up working for a stranger, knowing he will be in make-or-break situation next year.Ryan is supposed to have control over the coaching staff, yet offensive coordinator Tony Sparano -- who reportedly will be fired -- twists in the wind. Ryan told his staff his hands are tied until they hire a new GM, one source said -- an indication that Ryan's power over his staff is frozen.

Chances are, the organization wants the new GM to have the ability to sign off on hirings and firings. Assistant coaches without contracts for 2013 include Matt Cavanaugh (quarterbacks), Mike Pettine (defensive coordinator) and Mike Westhoff (special teams), who is retiring.The Jets could've avoided a lot of bad publicity by tying up the loose ends Monday, having Ryan and Johnson address the media in the aftermath of the Tannenbaum firing. Johnson was in the building Monday to fire Tannenbaum, but it was an unexpected appearance by the owner. He was out of town (that explains his no-show in Buffalo) and wasn't expected back until Thursday, sources said.

Johnson returned from his undisclosed destination, fired Tannenbaum, addressed the organization and apparently returned to wherever he was. On Thursday, he will be back for the all-important GM interviews.So far, confirmed candidates include Tom Gamble (49ers), Dave Caldwell (Falcons), Tom Heckert (ex-Browns GM), Marc Ross (Giants) and Scott Cohen (Jets).

> http://espn.go.com/b...l-speak-tuesday

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Don't Put Too Much Stock in Ryan's Disaster Season

The Jets' disastrous 2012 season has soured many fans on Rex Ryan's coaching future. But a number of legendary NFL coaches have had multiple seasons with double-digit losses—and a few have even gone on to win the Super Bowl.Since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978, 10 coaches with at least 100 wins and a Super Bowl ring also lost 10 or more games at least twice, according to Stats LLC. Ryan, whose 10-loss season this year was his first in four seasons, doesn't have to look far for an example.

His MetLife Stadium co-tenant, <a class="topicLink" href="http://topics.wsj.co...ghlin/7064">Tom Coughlin, made the postseason four straight years as the Jaguars' head coach. Like Ryan, he even took his team to the conference championship twice, only to lose. Then three straight 10-loss seasons followed. Coughlin ended up with the Giants, found his quarterback in Eli Manning and beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for the Lombardi Trophy—twice.

Another ex-Giants (and Jets) coach, Bill Parcells, also won a Super Bowl after finishing 3-12-1 in 1983, though that was his first season coaching. That year, he badly mismanaged the quarterback situation, benching Phil Simms for Scott Brunner. He later took the Patriots to the Super Bowl, falling to Green Bay, after two more double-digit-loss seasons. Besides Coughlin and Parcells, three other coaches since 1978 shook off double-digit-loss seasons to win the Super Bowl—Belichick, Dick Vermeil and Bill Cowher.

None of this means Ryan (34-30 in his career) is ticketed for coaching greatness. But one bad season doesn't necessarily rule it out. And there's no discounting the chance a coaching change may actually end up being best for Ryan. After all, Coughlin, Belichick and Vermeil all won their Super Bowls with new teams—and new quarterbacks.

—Michael Salfino

Only Losers for So Long

Here are Super Bowl-winning coaches with 100-plus career wins who lost 10 games or more multiple times (since 1978). COACH 10+ LOSS SEASONS CAREER RECORD SUPER BOWL WINS 1 Mike Ditka 5 121-95 2 Bill Parcells 4 172-130-1 3 Tom Coughlin 4 151.121 4 Bill Belichick 3 187-101 5 Mike Shanahan 3 167-125 6 Dick Vermeil 3 111-90 7 Mike Holmgren 2 161-111 8 Joe Gibbs 2 154-94 9 Bill Cowher 2 149=90 10 Chuck Noll 2 119-97

Source: Stats LLC

*won Super Bowl after double-digit-loss season

> http://online.wsj.co...SJ_topics_obama

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PFWA issues statement on media violation

The Jets violated the NFL media policy by scheduling their "season-ending" news conference for next Tuesday. The rule clearly states the head coach and a team official must be made available within a week after the season.

On Thursday, the Pro Football Writers of America issued the following statement :

"The PFWA is satisfied that the New York Jets are following the spirit of the rules in making their executives available on Tuesday. There is good reason for the NFL’s rule requiring teams to make a top executive available to communicate with the fans through the media within seven days after the end of the season. After discussing the circumstances with the Jets, we look forward to hearing from owner Woody Johnson and coach Rex Ryan on Tuesday."

Ryan was scheduled to have a news conference Monday, but it was cancelled when GM Mike Tannenbaum was fired. Johnson was at the team's facility, but issued a statement, avoiding reporters. Since then, Ryan took off for the Bahamas and Johnson, too, was out of town, presumably on vacation.On Friday, the Jets will get around to the business of football, when they start conducting interview for their general-manager vacancy. Ryan won't have a role in the selection process.

> http://espn.go.com/b...media-violation

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Report : Jets will interview Packers exec

Another name has emerged in the Jets' general manager search: John Dorsey, the Packers' director of football operations.

Dorsey will interview this weekend with the Jets, according to CBSSports.com.

Dorsey, 52, has spent almost his entire career with the Packers -- as a player, scout, director of college scouting and in his current position.There's also a chance Dorsey could land with the Chiefs, who are reportedly close to hiring Andy Reid as coach. Reid and Dorsey worked together in Green Bay.

> http://espn.go.com/b...ew-packers-exec

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Is Rex Ryan still worth the headache ?

Rex Ryan is the NFL player equivalent of Chad Johnson.

There is a side of the New York Jets head coach that is fun-loving and harmless. Talk to Ryan for five minutes and you will like him. Or watch any press conference, and it's clear Ryan has the charisma and sense of humor to light up a room. The same can be said for Johnson.Yet, there is that other side of Ryan that can be too much to take. Ryan, like Johnson, is blunt with no buffer. Ryan, like Johnson, also can display poor taste and do zany things at the drop of a hat. If Johnson abruptly changes his last name to Ochocinco, Ryan can match with a head-scratching Mark Sanchez jersey tattooed on his arm. There are more similarities between this pair than you think.But Johnson eventually wore out his welcome in the NFL. His antics were no longer matching his production, which led to Johnson being shipped from the Cincinnati Bengals to the New England Patriots to the Miami Dolphins and out the NFL in one-year's time.

You wonder if Ryan is heading down that same path with the Jets. Ryan's antics have been a constant. But after back-to-back non-winning seasons, is Ryan's headache getting bigger than his production ? The Sanchez tattoo, which caused national headlines Friday, is just the latest controversy to ruffle the Jets' feathers. Ryan's embarrassing transgressions have ranged from flipping the bird at a mixed martial arts event, a reported video of Ryan focused on feet, bad-mouthing other head coaches and empty Super Bowl guarantees. There were several smaller brush fires Ryan also created or been a part of in his four seasons with the Jets that are not worth getting into.The point is you keep waiting for Ryan's antics to stop, but they never do. Ryan, 50, is who he is. Ryan is at the "take-it-or-leave-it" stage in his life, and it's up to the Jets to determine how much more of the circus they can take.

That brings me back to Chad Johnson, who was a very good receiver in his prime. The Bengals put up with all of Johnson's antics for as long as he could score touchdowns. But once age caught up to Johnson and he was no longer a top receiver, all of a sudden his antics were too detrimental to the team.Incidents of "Rex being Rex" will only fly in New York for so long. Ryan is still living off the glory of back-to-back AFC Championship Games in 2009 and 2010. But that is starting to feel like a long time ago. The Jets are currently viewed as a national punchline with a circus atmosphere, where anything can happen at any time. In that respect, Ryan has been a contributing part of the problem and not the solution.I have been a longtime supporter of Ryan because his Xs and Os are solid and players enjoy playing for him. That's two key ingredients to being a good head coach. However, that support is waning with each incident. It's difficult to preach discipline to your players when the head coach is the one dominating the back pages in New York with distractions.

It's time to officially put Ryan on the hotseat for 2013. Next season will be huge for Ryan's future with the Jets.Ryan is a mediocre 14-18 the past two seasons. And with his antics continuing to add up, Ryan is starting to cross the threshold of being more of a detriment to the Jets than an asset.

> http://espn.go.com/b...th-the-headache

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