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Camp Tweets 8-12


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The way these injuries are shaping up it looks like it's going to be a




Go Canes, GO RANGERS,  kind of year


It's stupid the way they make every injury sound like a season-ending one.


On most of these, the beat writer is all like, "He's going, he's leaving practice, oh noooooo!"


Then 5 minutes later, "He's back on the field..."

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Jets' McKnight carted to locker room after fall







Published: 6 minutes ago 




CORTLAND, N.Y. (AP) - New York Jets running back Joe McKnight was carted to the locker room, wearing an oxygen mask, after dropping to the field during a drill Monday.



McKnight has been recovering from a head injury and has been dealing with dehydration during training camp.



As he was making his way to the field for the start of practice, he needed to drop to a knee three times and was examined by trainers. After pouring water over his head, McKnight was able to jog a few moments later and appeared OK.



Wearing a red no-contact jersey, he was participating in a drill 45 minutes into practice when he went down again after diving for a pass. Trainers rushed to him, then walked him to a medical tent behind the field.



McKnight remained on his right side as he was examined for several minutes. It appeared trainers were also checking his lower left leg before he was removed on a cart. He was wearing an oxygen mask as he walked gingerly on his own into the locker room while a trainer held the tank.



The team had no immediate update on his condition.



McKnight has had a rough camp. He failed a conditioning test just before the team reported to Cortland but passed the next day. He blamed the failure on dehydration and his low percentage of body fat (3.3 percent). Coach Rex Ryan also suggested that McKnight has "anxiety" when it comes to the conditioning tests.



McKnight was arrested two weeks ago in New Jersey, an off day for the team, for outstanding traffic warrants. He was released on $320 bail, the amount of the tickets.



Later that week, he injured his head during practice - an injury the Jets still haven't officially called a concussion - and he returned to the field Sunday, wearing the no-contact jersey.

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Also true


sh*tty thing is, the kid could actually be suffering from migraines, but he hasn't earned the right to get the benefit of the doubt. It certainly seems like someone's taking his statement a bit too seriously and is actually trying to kill him to get his spot; I can't remember a more non-injury plagued first two weeks that's caused someone to have this much trouble.  It goes on any longer and I'm gonna assume that John Mellody has some form of munchausen's.

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