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Mac Interview on Rapsheet Podcast


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I was reading some draft articles yesterday and I came across this interview with Mac on the Rapsheet podcast. Although its still heavy with Mac's typical monotonous responses, I did find it to be one of his better post draft interviews I've listened to.

To recap, if you don't want to listen:

One specific topic in particular I found interesting was when they asked him about not addressing the Center position this offseason. From the moment the draft went by without us taking a Center, I've fully expected Mac to pass it off with his "We feel good about the players we have, wasnt a position where need matched value", etc nonsense... But surprisingly, he didn't really go that route the way I expected. He did very quickly mention Harrison and how they felt he did a pretty solid job when he filled in last year (which he did, to be fair). But aside from the brief mention of Harrison, he talked a lot about how there is a lot of the offseason left, teams are forming their rosters, there are trades to he made and other avenues they are exploring to possibly acquire more talent at the center position, etc. I find Mac's typical response to be "we feel good about what we have, but we always keep our eyes open for ways to improve" and this time it was more, "we are exploring ways to bring in more"...

I could be completely wrong, but there was something about the way he responded about C that felt different from his typical responses and left me feeling like he actually acknowledged that position is not acceptable right now and that they might actually have some plan/intention of addressing it. 

It's a really thin argument for any kind of optimism, I know. I'm really just grasping for straws to find something to feel a little better about. 

*The Mac interview starts at 18:45, but I found the entire episode to be a pretty interesting draft recap/reaction. 

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7 hours ago, MDL_JET said:

Interviews with GMs are so pointless. Every single time. They won’t ever give you real details. 

Idk why I just listened to that. 

I'm sorry. I tried to give a recap to spare you from having to listen to Mac speak.

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2 hours ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

I’m hoping there’s a couple of OL cap casualties around the league that we can  scoop up. Think I read we have 17mn left in cap space after signing draft picks.

Was listening to Kim Jones tonight on FAN and she was pretty confident that, unless a surprise trade is quietly in the works (No one ever hears word of Mac's trades before they go down), if they were to add a potential starting C it probably wont happen until late Aug when cuts are being made. I tend to think she is probably right. I'm hoping Mac pulls off a trade out of no where, but its probably likely we are going into camp and preseason with Harrison as the starter. I'm praying some UDFA or camp tryout we have never heard of breaks out this summer. 

The Pats got lucky when they picked Trent Brown off the street during the preseason last year. Maybe it's our turn ??

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