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Same Old Jets


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Another week another embarrassment.   Last week the Jets made Minshew look like Joe Montana,  today the Texans killed the Jags.  The Dolphins were winless until Fitzmagic tore up the Jets.  There is nothing positive you can take away from any Jets performance.   They look pathetic in every phase of the game.  They are not even competitive.  The entire coaching staff should feel guilty cashing their paycheck.  Every year it gets worse.   There is no hope for this franchise and the future looks worse every day.  I was cursed the day I became a Jets fan.

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4 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

I don't think this really qualifies as "Sam Old Jets." I've never seen the Jets this bad. Honestly, "Same Old Jets" is collapsing to miss the playoffs after a strong start, or teasing you but going 6-10.

Being a completely inept 2-14 type team is a different kind of bag, man.

True but this particular game was as Jetsy as it gets.  Losing to the current Head Coaches former team vs. the QB who holds the Jets franchise record in TD's for a single season vs. a team literally trying to lose all their games.


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