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It's Official: The N.Y Jets draft Zach Wilson #2 overall (Welcome to N.Y: Zach Wilson).

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8 minutes ago, jetblue95 said:

not sure if this is good or bad, but after walking by the tv when a picture of zach wilson was on and i told her that was the jets new QB, she just told me she will now be happy to watch games with me ?


Like when my wife and daughter were semi watching  the draft that Sanchez was taken in, somewhere between their inane chatter my wife said, "Oh my, he's handsome".  Suddenly they were both "serious Jets fans".


I was so glad to see him go.  :) 


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I'll give it to you Zach Wilson shot callers. 

While I was dreaming of Lawrence and losing out? 

You guys were saying this kid Wilson was the best QB in the draft. 

I laughed @ you guys. 

You guys told me he'd be drafted ahead of Fields and #2 overall. 

I blew you guys off (shoulder surgeries scared me away). 

And then it happened; 

NFL GMs, Coaches, Owners, Ex-Players and NFL draft evaluators (alike) got their hands on the film. 

They all fell in love with him. 

(I felt like the only man in the room. Who wasn't raving about this kid). 

However. I'm A+ excited for this kid. 

I rather be wrong than right. And I hope you day 1 Zach Wilson Shot Callers were and are 100% accurate. And this kid is absolute born greatness. 

Because if so? If he's to ever lead us to a SB victory? All of you will go down as JN legendary poster(s).

I didn't get the QB I wanted but life goes on. I just wanna enjoy the ride. 

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