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It's Official: The N.Y Jets draft Zach Wilson #2 overall (Welcome to N.Y: Zach Wilson).

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Zach Wilson!



• Throughout all of 2020 I wanted to tank for Trevor Lawrence. 

• Immediately after losing out on Trevor Lawrence, I then wanted Justin Fields. 

√ I hope I'm wrong and Zach Wilson becomes the greatest Jets QB I've ever witnessed. 


Z-A-C-H Zach-Zach-Zach!


Welcome to N.Y kid; we've got your back 100% moving forward. 


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4 minutes ago, Wit said:

ESPN coverage of the Jets is basically a funeral for the kid. This must be what browns fans felt like. Ouch. 


nfl live coverage was very positive.  they said he had the best film of any QB (lawrence was the best QB though).  can make all the throws.  comparisons to rodgers and russell wilson.  kurt warner raved about him.  not a negative said by anyone

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1 minute ago, jetblue95 said:

not sure if this is good or bad, but after walking by the tv when a picture of zach wilson was on and i told her that was the jets new QB, she just told me she will now be happy to watch games with me ?

Quite the conundrum. She likes Turf Jesus, so she has shown great taste. On the flipside of that coin, she is with you so...


She's suspect

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