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Darnold regressing, throws INT on first play (Frankie Luvu blocks punt, Herndon catches TD. Oh my this MIN-CAR Game!)

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On 10/18/2021 at 4:02 PM, jetstream23 said:



Mac Jones becoming a consistent B to B+ QB in this league will be maddening.  But let's give a lot of credit to the coaching staff there and McDaniels.  They have the perfect system for him and they ignore all the "dink and dunk" comments from the peanut gallery, perfectly happy to develop their QB slowly and not burden him with trying to carry the team.  He's short/intermediate thrower with a high completion % and not a lot of INTs.... it's exactly what you want in Year 1 with your rookie QB.  The Jets on the other hand have had 3 or 4 highlight throws and 50+ yard TD that isn't offsetting 8 yard passes thrown in the dirt and too many INTs.  Let's see what happens but the Jets thinking going forward is that they just need to have Zack "start ripping it."

This os both a false narrative and a misunderstanding of the situation. 

1st - Zach is 3rd in the league in throws over 20 yards. It’s not two lucky throws. 

2nd.  Who would you rather have? A QB that can make big plays with his arm and legs (and has shown some of it already). But is having problems on short/easy through through his 1st 5 games in the NFL. But has. I history of it in his entire college career.  That is likely to be fixed. 

or an althletcialllt minutes, system QB who’s upside is limited, that will be capable of keeping a team competitive but lacking skills to carry a super bowl championship?

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I don’t miss Sam or Herndon but I thought we should have held onto Frankie. I don’t know all his stats this year but I always thought with us and it looks like with them he’s always a guy around the ball and makes plays. I don’t know his minutes but looks like he’s earned a lot of playing time so far with them. 

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