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1 minute ago, slimjasi said:

This was posted on here last night, but it is beyond wild that Zach Wilson is the first guy to do that. 

The NFL always surprises. 

It was?  The Tweet says it was posted today at 7:41AM.

EDIT: My bad.  I see this guy re-posted the OPTA Stats tweet this morning.

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kind of a dumb stat tbh

QB's don't "face each other", they face the opposing defense. Our defense held Mahomes to his worst passer rating since 2021 and 3rd worst of his NFL career. I can say with full confidence that had zero to do with Zach Wilson being the opposing QB.

Zach played a good game but it wasn't anything for the record books. The offense put up 18 points FFS.

It's more of a tip of the cap to the Jets defense than anything. Kind of amazing after the 1st quarter they had.

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21 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

Zach played well tonight, despite the fumble and some bad misses early on.  But this has to continue.  This is the new standard.  Shows everyone that this team is indeed talented with serviceable QB play.

F*ck this league and their incompetant employees.

The slow starts on both defense and offense need to stop. Both units need to be amped up from the get-go.

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