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A Very Happy Birthday!!!!


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Happy Birthday to my least favorite poster here. When the initial JN Kickoff Meetings were happening, we all agreed to one thing. We would start this website as long as it didn't attracted the like of JoeWilly.

We failed. To the rest of you I am sorry. Sorry that you have to listen to his astroturf fetishes. "Hey you going to Las Vegas? Can you smell the turf and describle it for me? How did it feel when you rubbed your chest against it?" Holy weirdo batman.

But I guess none of that matters today. After all it is your birthday. Happy Birthday you freak!!!

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well,well well, a big thank you to all of you from joe"Idon't need alchohal to have a good time" willy.:cheers:

Smizzy, mrs. willy found a loophole in the prenups so sex is being disputed at present, but my lawyer feels pretty sure I'll be getting all ugly in the face by mid june if ya know what I mean ;)

Max, thank you for the silk glove & lotion. guess thats why you're admin around here. it's like you know stuff in advance.

I had a great,great day. breakfast in bed ,new tv, nice romantic boatride with the mrs after breakfast. after a relaxing afternoon, a huge birthday party broke out & both my friends showed up. I think I drove to work drunk this morning even after 7 hours sleep.

thanks for starting such a fab thread jfbm:) :) :) :)

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