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****The Official Jets vs Giants Game Thread****


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It was so close to being message board gold. You asked BP to change the title, he said DONE, and you replied that you were proud of him. Damn you ecurb for your post edit!

Im too quick... :lol:

Go pick on Barton... dont spoil my homerism for todays game... !!!

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5 hours 19 min until game time:frown:

Why remind us of how long we have to wait? lol

I dont know, but I feel like im addicted to the damn Jets... I mean what kid of person in the right mind gets pumped up over a preseason game? Preseason... Are we really talking about the preseason? Just go ask my K.Rhodes Jersey who is in my closet and in 5 hours and 19 mins will be starting on my back.

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