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"Just bEgin The Season" Edition of Post of the Week - September 6th, 2007


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Hey-Oh! And the season begins this fine evening in a game I'm not so interested in at all, but what the hey - it's football! The few last days before the start of the season are full of hopes, expectations, fears, and concerns - but I'll take'em. I'll go out on an optimistic limb and call for the Jets to be within a game, in terms of wins and loses, of last year. I am sure of one thing - Soloman Wilcots is not even close to being right about the Jets. The man is a buffoon at best, a raving idiot at worst - 3-13 my eye.

Before we start this week, I'd like to thank greengal for stepping in for me last week. It was a busy week for this legume and I appreciate your willingness to step in and git'r done - you're the best. I'd also like to call attention to this quote - "Even though the starter was resting today, and you were playing against the second stringers, you have a real good chance of making the team. Beans has never won us the SB, but there are some out here who think you are the future" - Jetcane. I'm assuming this means that JC thinks I have a noodle-POTW. :D

Anyway, let the games begin and the POTW nominations be seen....

This weeks nominations were:


Originally Posted by Max


Originally Posted by TaborJet

The link doesn't work.

Originally Posted by MrsTaborJet


(Editor's Note: www.pnwedbyyourwife.wow)


Topic: Chad on the trade block

Originally Posted by 124

Depends on his season. If he has the type of season that a lot us, including myself, believe he will have then Chad will either be released or traded by Draft Day '08.

Originally Posted by GimmeShelter

This is why I hate these type threads.

This time last year it was Ramsey would be the starter.

Than after Pennington took a weak team to the play-offs it was Clemens was this seasons starter.

Now it's 2008 Chad gets traded. Too many posters main goal is to be a "I told ya so guy" no matter how many different stances they take.

Let the QB situation resolve itself on it's own. In the interm root for the team.

(Editor's Note: Fair enough, but it's fun and usually interesting to debate the merits of players on the team, no?)


Topic: "Experts" Week one picks....

Originally Posted by ecurb2369


Jets pick is at the end...

(Editor's Note: I hate myspace as it is the root of all things evil - but that was worth it.)


Topic: Childrens Game of TAG banned in Colorado school

Originally Posted by Alk

I wonder how they would feel about the game we used to play in grade school. Smear the queer.

Originally Posted by drago

everyone played that game, but i think i know which one you were.

Originally Posted by Alk

For the life of me I can't even remember how you decided who the queer was. I just remember that person running around with a football and everyone else running after him.

Originally Posted by drago

i remember exactly how it went. i would walk out of the building for recess and 5 bigger kids would yell

"there's the queer! smear the queer!"

i would be looking around and i guess they wanted me to join them in finding the queer because they became very close to me, and sort of hit me a lot. More like love taps, but they left bruises.

don't worry guys, we'll find 'em.

(Editor's Note: I hope you did not bend over to try and "find'em", dude.)


Originally Posted by drago

well he could get annoying, since he would start about 8 arbitrary threads per day, that had nothing to do with anything.

i just think, it's better he do it than Alk.

my new campaign.

Ban Alk, bring on the Boom!

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

He kept them in the lounge... and if you look he was even starting draft threads in the NFL forum...

Bring back BOOMBOOM

and keep Alk too...

Originally Posted by drago

do we have to? he's from kansas ya know...

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

I know... they have crop dusters there


(Editor's Note: "Off Alk goes, into the wild blue yonder, off Alk goes into the sky...")


Originally Posted by BP

The Chiefs playbook

No two playbooks are alike. Some are as massive as 800 pages; others are thinner than the Mankato, Minn., phone book. No layman or superfan could get through the first section without being completely confused. But therein lies the trick, to sort through the clutter, learn fast and play faster.

"To me, playbooks are like going to a Chinese restaurant," Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said. "It's a big menu. OK, what do you like, do you like poultry, do you like fish, do you like meat? We have all these things in this book which you need to have, but at the end, this is what we are.

"You couldn't run all the things you have in the playbook. You've got no shot."

Originally Posted by DMaynard

Do you really need a book for "hand off to Larry Johnson"?

(Editor's Note: If it's for Herm, it probably a picture book and he'd definitely need it...)


Originally Posted by PatriotReign37

Why is that crazy?

I can easily envision the Jets with the first pick in next years draft with that OL and DL.

Originally Posted by DMaynard

Everyone on that OL and DL is returning from last year except Kendall. Anyone would agree that Coleman has to be an improvement over Kimo. Mangold and D'Brick will certainly be better in their second years. No one else is at an age yet where declines can be expected. And yet these are basically the same lines that they Jets went 10 - 6 with last year. So, you are saying the loss of future HOFer Kendall will be the difference in 10 -6 and having the worst record in the NFL?

Very astutue.

(Editor's Note: Sure, #13, can't you see it? I mean, Kendall brings championship rings to any team he plays with each season. The man is a walking jeweler...)


Originally Posted by bitonti

whoo hoo!

thanks GG and the academy

and they said it couldn't be done twice

if you think that post was good

wait for my third potw victory six months from now

when i explain to all the jets faithful why this season's 5-11 campaign really wasn't a step backward

(Editor's Note: If this comes to pass, you're in big trouble draftdaddy.)


Topic: I, Me, Mine

Originally Posted by drago

if you say one of those words in a thread title, it is a bad thread...making this thread three times worse than most, but i thought i'd throw that out there.

(not a bad george harrison song either...)

Originally Posted by joebabyny

Don't know if that is always true, case in point, tictac posts one of these:

"My tits look silly in this shirt, right?"

"Pics of me doing a handstand in my panties"

"F$$k me if I am wrong, but the Jets oline is stout, discuss"

Any of those threads would most likely not suck

(Editor's Note: joe's got a point, these threads would all be interesting - especially drago's reaction to each of them.)


Originally Posted by shawn306

Hmmn looks like the Mets/Sox coalition is starting to show some cracks.

Originally Posted by anskyruben

They couldn't stick together long enough to have gay marraiges legalized


(Editor's Note: More like "show each other their cracks" shawn. F'em both, go Yanks.)


Topic: My new username?

Originally Posted by barton

What should it be?


Jetty? (my nickname from yrs ago)




Anyone have any ideas? I kinda want to change it to 'Jetty' but I'm not sure if everyone will recognize me with a completely different username?

I need feedback.........feel free to give suggestions......

Originally Posted by Thor99


(Editor's Note: Why would barton switch his name to Thordoesn'tcare99? That's just stupid...)


Originally Posted by BP

Who's ECurb?

I only know of ecurb2369

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

Whos BP? I only know of a gay mod that goes by the name of Bill Parcells

Originally Posted by BP

Dude, why doesn't your girlfriend post here?

(Editor's Note: Can figments of one's imagination contribute to a message board on the web? Wow, I LOVE technology!)


Originally Posted by Alk

I'm not just dragging your team through it. Every team is going to be drug through it before it's all said and done. It just so happens that the only way to make some of you realize it is to use your own team as an example. If you think that Harrison is the only player in the NFL that purchased HGH then just wow...Like I said, just enjoy it while the spotlight is one him.

Originally Posted by Smizzy

So instead of sucking it up you have decided that it's ok because every team is cheating or has a player who is cheating? Funny...I don't remember the NFL suspending any NY Jets for steriod use...just Rodney Harrison.

I don't think he is the only one....but watching Pats fans throw every other NFL player under the bus to protect their cheating POS is sad.

(Editor's Note: Not only sad, but pathetic - I'm actually a little surprised Alk took this stance. That being said, thank goodness that the Jets do not have to see the cheating bastid this weekend.)


Originally Posted by Alk

Okay then. Patriots win and you have to stop posting for 30 days. Jets win and I do likewise. Deal?

Originally Posted by Max

No. Not going to happen. If the Jets lose, there is NO WAY I am gonna go far a Pats fan being able to post here and a Jets fan not being allowed to.

{Insert George Bush Sr Voice}Not gonna do it.{/Insert George Bush Sr Voice}

(Editor's Note: I've also heard "no new taxes", but rumor has it that Max is planning to charge $44.95 for VIP memberships soon. Look here for details -> www.thisisafakelinktabor.com)


Topic: Anthony Schlegal Tribute Thread

Originally Posted by Max


(Editor's Note: Adios, Anthony - so sad to see your bust-as$ go. Hope the car wash gig works out for you in Cincinatti)


Topic: When the Jets beat the Patriots in week one,I'll own Alks sig and avatar for 30 days

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

lol James Sanders is now the starting SS for the Patriots, along with a rookie on the other side... This Patriots secondary may just be the down fall of a Over Hyped Patriots off season. Good luck to the Patriots Defense this year, they will need alot of it. R.Harrison may be getting up in age, but at the same time he was a leader for that D and he actually brang his A game each and every Sunday... Good luck James Sanders... Good luck.

So here is the bet... (Alks idea, He seems pretty upset about this whole situation, lol, I dont blame him though) If the Jets beat the Patriots... Alk wont post on JN for 30 days... Same for me, if the Patriots beat the Jets, I wont post on JN for 30 days...

Its a deal, its official... Chad, Coles and Cotchery will all have a field day vs this Secondary... BB may think twice about bringing the Blitz come week one.

Originally Posted by madmike1

You might have found a way to get some people here to root against the jets...

(Editor's Note: Well, if nothing else we now have a "win-win" situation on our hands...)


Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

lol... Just reading this thread... I guess I'm the PatsFanTx as far as being a Jets fan goes...

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

No your not... dont insult TX like that...

(Editor's Note: TX > DWC - sounds like we need a poll to decide...)


Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

So your gonna take shots at and ask me something stupid like... "are you sure you follow the Jets" all because I made a thread about Moses being released and maybe the Jets should look into him... Grow up man... Grow up

Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards


I just thought it was funny that you thought we might be looking at this player & then suggesting we put him at a position he doesn't fit on the Jets, for a Jets coach who would seemingly never pick him up.

Tell me more about all the games you saw Kellen Clemens play at Oregon.

Originally Posted by ShadowJet35

I've been eating some bacon, let me get back to what I was doing.



DEEEEyum, He pwned you hard son!!!

Alright, you guys can continue your useless petty argument without my input.

(Editor's Note: Do you know how many fights I got into in college because of people like you...)


Originally Posted by ecurb2369

Ok AlkTX

Chad first throw against the Giants went 30+ yards in the air BTW

Originally Posted by Alk

Sure he did, with one of these and a 50 mph wind at his back...


(Editor's Note: If that was not so dag'gum funny I'd call you a dick.)


Topic: Wats up with S.Rice?

Originally Posted by The Troll

We run a 3-4. Simeon Rice would not be a defensive end in the 3-4. When are people going to realize that 260 pound defensive ends are LBs in the 3-4? I am sick of this stupid ****. "Sign Dwight Freeney!", "Sign Simeon Rice!", "Sign Quentin Moses!". Here is a suggestion, not to the front office, but to dip****s like DWC: Learn how a ****ing 3-4 works.

(Editor's Note: Stop making sense Troll.)


Originally Posted by Gibbon

I think I found a way to keep ecurb from posting.

Originally Posted by Jet Moses

You would be a legend on the internet.

(Editor's Note: Nothing will stop ecurb term.jpg)


Topic: Haha, this has got to be the worst poster ever

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

I was scared I was gonna see "DWC" somewhere in the thread when I opened it...

(Editor's Note: This is just getting way too easy...)


Topic: A new JetNation record!

Originally Posted by JetMoses

ecurb has not posted in 15 minutes.

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

PS3 can be even more addictive!

Originally Posted by NJ

Can we chip in and get one for DWC?

(Editor's Note: So, you can get free stuff if you act like DWC? I'm going to have to re-think my approach around here I think...)


Topic: Can anybody here get to the NewYorkJets.com home page?

Originally Posted by PFSIKH

Maybe you need to send them $55 for content?

(Editor's Note: Did they fire Lange and get Cannizzarro?)


Runner-Up of the Week Sponsored by Boar's Head Provisions...

Originally Posted by Gibbon

So you would support the Jets in the future continuing to draft guys in the 3rd round and not give them any serious playing time before cutting them? I just want to be clear that you are ok with this as a practice.

Originally Posted by Boozer76

No, I'm in support of a coaching staff that doesn't automatically give a 3rd rounder playing time simply for the fact that he's a 3rd rounder. I'm in support of a coaching staff that makes players earn a spot by outshining others in practice. I support a coaching staff that is willing to admit draft mistakes and move on, rather than force a mediocre player into action to justify their pick at the team's expense.

(Editor's Note: Bravo, Mr. Boozer - you hit that one out of the park...)


Topic: Jets are looking to trade for RB Mike Bell

Originally Posted by tparich

I would hate to trade for a Denver back. They always have great run blocking so their running backs always look good to great. They then trade away for other positions knocking they can plug in someone with even decent skills and make him look great also.

(Editor's Note: Shoot, Max might even look good running...oh, wait, Max doesn't run. Forget it.)


Topic: Harrison can't be the only guy...

Originally Posted by Garb

Rodney got caught - which is the only reason he apologized - and a sincere one at that. Thing is, if he had not been caught would he have confessed and apologized? Doubt it.

Originally Posted by Iceman88

How can his apology been sincere if he only said it since he was caught? He may have been sincerely sorry he got caught, but not that he took HGH.

(Editor's Note: Good point - it's hard to be sincerely sorry when you're hiding the fact you did something bad. Harrison, to his credit, is at least being a stand-up guy about being a cheater.)


Originally Posted by faba

There are good people that are from 16h or hang around there that have nothing to do with anyone you might not like that is from there.

Originally Posted by Max

Do you write fortune cookies in your spare time by chance?

(Editor's Note: SWEET! Hey faba, what are my lucky numbers?)


Originally Posted by PFSIKH

If Ecrub is a voice of reason, this board has jumped the shark.

(Editor's Note: Forget jump the shark, it would have jumped to a parallel universe for that to happen.)


Topic: Jet captains for this season...

Originally Posted by rick34125


(Editor's Note: Cap't "Crunch" Coles - the crunch comes from getting killed catching passes from Cap't "Noodle" Pennington)

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Topic: Just want To Let Everyone Know.....

Originally Posted by strange_andy

that Lake Superior was beautiful this weekend. Spent a few days back home in Marquette, Michigan. I love that f'n lake!

Originally Posted by Max

Thanks for starting this thread. I meant to do it when we got in. Glad you guys got back safe, I will try to post some pictures when we get settled.

It was great catching up with you guys this weekend though. I swear when we get together it is like we haven't missed a day. Ah, old times.

Be well my friend.

(Editor's Note: Wow, great picture and I'm glad you and Max had a good reunion?)


Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards

I just did a google search for "gibbon" & it found this picture from Schlegel's myspace page.


This is now getting interesting...

(Editor's Note: I knew that Schlegel sucked balls, but I did not realize he sucked MONKEY balls...)


Originally Posted by Garb

Eh, there are lots of arseholes everywhere. Massachusetts seems to have more than usual - hence the term "ma@sshole." People in FLA just seem f'ed in the head.

Originally Posted by NIGHT STALKER

That's sort of a broad (no pun intended) stroke even for you. "People in FLA just seem f'ed in the head"...funny stuff. I've been married to my lovely bride for over 32 years now...I must be f'ed in the head...how about you Garb...married? No? I wonder why.

(Editor's Note: She can't hear her suitors way up there on her horse?)


Topic: All right JetNation, I'm going out of town for 2 weeks

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

It's been fun, ill be back after we go 2-0

Originally Posted by PFSIKH

You can't go.

Your posts are slowing ecrub down as he takes time to read them. Hell, he has only 1,989 posts over the last 28 days. That is down from 2200 a few days ago..

(Editor's Note: However, if DWC is gone for two weeks, POTW will become a lot more manageable for me. DWC, how about three weeks instead of two, kiddo?)


Originally Posted by afosomf

did i miss something..still haven't received invitation

BTW i know your Dad is cheap but come on, i promise to only drink beer

Originally Posted by johnny green balls

come on down! i wanted to invite max but it's on a boat...


(Editor's Note: All of the best to you and your lovely bride young johnny!)


Topic: Jets interested in Reche Caldwell?

Originally Posted by BP

NO THANK YOU :shock::confused0085:

(Editor's Note: 7135fef3c5f45e451ebe3dfbeeefeldman2.jpg Whatever do you mean?)


Originally Posted by BP

POTW nom!

You suck DWC, you made me nominate a stinkin Pats fan. I feel dirty now. blech!

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

Noithing new... I always get OWNDED in the POTW threads.

(Editor's Note: Dude, you can't even spell "Owned" right. Sheeesh.)


Topic: Jets Flight Crew Photo-shoot

Originally Posted by NY Jets Guy

I've sensed a lot of stress and hostility on these boards lately. Please take the time to relax and flip through these flight crew pictures and remember what's truly important about this time of year...

... the fact that the Jets actually have cheerleaders! Enjoy!


(Editor's Note: Very good, very nice...)


Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

It's just that all I do is talk football on this site, and if im not talking football im clowning around with ECurb or the mods in Thor or Smizzy, (and all the threads I have ever started will show that) but at the same time, I dont why everyone has it out for me on this site, all I try to do is bring a little entertainment and not always try and be drop dead serious 24/7 in the offseason, thats all.

Originally Posted by Lil Bit Special

we got tired of hating on ecurb. we needed a new post whore to sh!t on.


(The Nomination: "POTW nom! Poor Beans, sorry." - BP)

(The Response to the POTW nom - "No problem, BP but this thread is all DWC. I smell a DWC-free POTW decree coming soon..." - Beans)

(Editor's Note: I'd like to nominate Lil Bit as "Most Sensitive Poster" for this coming season. Can I have a second?)


Topic: A Positive thread about the Jets.

Originally Posted by Green DNA

Playing on Field Turf means that the Jets get no grass stains on their pants during home games

(Editor's Note: I never realized that DNA was a mom...)


Topic: A Positive thread about the Jets.

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

These are some of my positives right here.

-1st offseason in 2 or 3 seasons where Chad Pennington has been healthy

-We had a solid draft in terms of drafting starters for this Defense. We drafted D.Revis out of Pittsburg who was the #1 ranked CB in the Nation, and we also drafted D.Harris out of Michigan who was the #3 ranked MLB in the Nation. (Plus he played as a 3-4 IMLB)

-Last season Brick and Mangold were thrown into the fire as first year players and started all 16 games on the O-Line (As rookies). Ferguson had a chance to play against some of the best DE's in the game in Freeney, Seymour, and J.Taylor. Like I said before... Brick and Mangold starting all 16 games last season could have been a blessing in disguise for this upcoming season and actually one of the best things that has ever happened to this O-Line.

-The addition of Thomas Jones. K.Barlow and D.Blaylock are now long gone in the eyes of Jet fans. We now have a running back in Thomas Jones who can be our Work-Horse and a feature back in this Offense. Thats something that the coaching staff couldn't ask in K.Barlow, D.Blaylock, C.Houston or even L.Washington as a rookie last season. I feel the addition of Jones will help Leon Washington is so many different ways.

-Our Recievers. L.Coles, J.Cotch, J.Mac, B.Smith and C.Stukey is one hell of a group for opposing secondarys to try an keep up with. Last year Cotchery had one hell of a season for a first year starter, and first year working with Chad for a full season. Coles was tough as nails, J.Mac has been playing great this whole offseason, B.Smith can do alot of different things and atleast keep the Defense honest and C.Stucky has alot of potential to make some big plays for us this season. I like what I see in this group of WR's.

-Coaching staff, I love the fact that Mangini learned from two of the Best in BB and BP's. Last season we made the playoffs under a rookie coach in Mangini and a first year OC in Martys boy. This year I'm expecting big things from Mangini and Shotty as they enter year 2 and should have a better feel for the Jets as a team as far as calling the right plays, playing the right players, and overall... Just being better coaches and building upon last season.

Special teams. We really may have one of the best Special teams in all of Football. J.Miller is a game changer and is almost a promise to leave Chad and the Offense with nice field postion, M.Nugent is turning into one of the best kickers in the AFC East, B.Graham has one of the strongest legs in all of football with a crazy spin, and L.Washington, J.Miller and even C.Stukey all have potential in being play-makers in terms of Punt Returning. (If only J.Miller could catch the ball better)

The Secondary I like the fact that we have Dyson and Revis as our starting corners with J.Miller guarding the slot recievers and D.Barrett going up against oppsing teams 4th string WR.

Dyson may not be a speed burner as a #1 CB, but he does have experience and leadership with nice coverage skills.

Revis may be starting as a rookie but I feel he can be a solid #2 CB for this Jets team this year.Would Mangini really start Revis if he wasn't ready?

Miller seems like the perfect #3 CB because he is fast, quick, explosive, physical, and will be guarding opposing teams slot WR.

And Coleman and Rhodes are nice to have at Safety. But Kerry Rhodes becoming great in my eyes

Our 2nd year in the 3-4.

(Editor's Note: Solid post, DWC - I'm actually a little shocked, to tell you the truth. I'm pissed that you forgot Wallace Wright under the WR's - what's up with the hating on Wallace, huh?)


Topic: We have 52 members and 124 guests on Jet Nation right now...

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

It's the lounge... So I just wanted to ask... Who are all these guests? Could it be players of the Jets? Coaches? Or simply Patriot fans? If it is Patriot fans... I feel we may get stormed with them before and after the game with a Patriots W

Originally Posted by CrazyCarl40

People who want to sign up for the forums but are waiting for you to go away for two weeks.

(Editor's Note: God, DWC, you are involved in every dag'gum post this week. You owe my wife and kids 5 hours of my time...)


Originally Posted by rick34125


(Editor's Note: Wow, Herm can even make Wee Wee Man look stupid...)


Originally Posted by brettw4rd

Cmon Kip calm down no need to get tough.

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

What does kip mean? lol, 4real... Do u call everyone kip, or just me?

(Editor's Note: I'll give you one hint - think TNT...)


Originally Posted by RunStuffer63

First off let me introduce myself. I have been a Jets fan for a good eleven seasons now. The Jets are the only sports team I follow, and many people feel that my obsession with them is unhealthy..

Anyway, after watching each and every snap this preseason I, like every other sports writer/broadcaster/analyst am jumping off the badwaggon, and writing this season off.

I never wanted to believe that last season was just a product of an easy schedule and a smoke and mirrors system, but looking back at it I can understand why people thought that, and realize that the New York Jets are a flawed team.

This preaseason only supplemented my concerns.

The loss of Pete Kendall will be HUGE. Kendall by no means is a road grader a la Will Sheilds, but he at least brings some stability to a position in which the Jets have absoloutley no depth whatsoever.

Even worse was the injury to our big time FA running back; the supposed "go to guy" that this team lacked last year...

Well.. Thomas Jones didn't play much at all this pre-season, and some reports are saying that the guy is damaged goods and is a big-time candidate to be a week 5 IR. Knowing the Jets luck this will be the case, and the "steal" of the offseason will match that of the Phillies "stealing" Freddy Garcia from the White Sox. Either way I can't see TJ at full speed for Sunday's game.

The Patriots are a big, tough, physical team that was built from the inside out(through the lines). I know Seymour isn't playing, but Bellichick said it himself... He's probably got 3rd or 4th stringers better than Kenyon Coleman. It's fairly obvious that the Pats are simply going to run it down our throats like they always do, and the defense will offer no semblance of stability, and won't get off the field.

Now... To the offense...

The offensive line has looked Oakland Raider bad this pre-season, and no I am not stretching it. D'Brick may be a bust... Even if the guy turns out to be a solid player there is no way that he is going to bring more value than Matt Leinart or Jay Cutler bring to their respective teams. The guy is a poor run blocker, and an extremly overrated pass blocker. He will be the Robert Gallery(anchor) to the Jets version of the worst o-line known to the man.

Next Pennington.. Chad is going to last two.. maybe three games this year. To be honest I like Chad as a QB, and think the Jets could do a lot worse than him, but he just isn't a playmaker and with no running game, and a terrible oline he will be useless.. Also in a rebuilding year it is time to give KC a chance..

Overall.. you will see a Sunday afternoon spanking at the meadowlands. I think the Pats whipped us 44-7 on an opening game years ago(I could be wrong).. Think something along those lines..

New England Patriots-31

New York Jets-0

Originally Posted by Lil Bit Special

dude... please. this is the worst fake jet fan post I have ever seen.

and if you are a real jet fan, stop being a jet fan. you suck. go be a giants fan. we dont want you.

(Editor's Note: "Hope springs eternal in the human breast;

Man never Is, but always To be blest:

The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,

Rests and expatiates in a life to come.

-Alexander Pope,

An Essay on Man, Epistle I, 1733" -

or maybe just a troll...



Topic: Can Chad throw it deep?

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

Tom Brady likes it really deep...

Ill stick with Chad...

(Editor's Note: Are you saying that Chad is a more gentle lover for you? Yuck, dude - just yuck.)


Originally Posted by Tictac

Guests are people who may even belong to this site, but haven't logged in and are looking at threads. Other than that, who cares.

"Don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter."

(Editor's Note: Something tells me drago is WAY out of his league here...)


Neil Giuliano, President of Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), has just issued the following statement to TMZ: "Jerry Lewis' on-air use of this kind of anti-gay slur is simply unacceptable. It also feeds a climate of hatred and intolerance that contributes to putting our community in harm's way. Our nation's media have done an admirable job this year holding public figures accountable for their use of anti-gay slurs, and I hope they continue to do so with Mr. Lewis."

Originally Posted by Jetcane

Yeah, but he's a salami swallowing fudgepacker.

Hey Max, need another mod?

(Editor's Note: Holy cow - coffee all over the laptop...)

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Topic: Around the league: Jets playing Patriot games

Originally Posted by rick34125

By Adam Schefter | NFL Network

Before they even play Sunday’s game vs. New England, the New York Jets are engaging in a little gamesmanship.

For the second straight week -- and in the week in which they open their season at home against the Patriots -- the Jets are interviewing New England’s former players.

The Jets met Tuesday with former Patriots wide receiver Reche Caldwell, whom New England released last weekend.

Caldwell did have a big day against the Jets last November, catching nine passes for 90 yards and a touchdown in a game New York won, 17-14. And he caught five more for 50 yards during New England’s 37-16 playoff win.

But it’s entirely possible the Jets were interested in more than Caldwell’s receiving abilities.

The Jets didn't stop with Caldwell. New York also signed to its practice squad Tuesday former New England guard/center Mike Elgin, whom the Patriots drafted in the seventh round in April and then released last weekend.

Elgin reported to work immediately for the Jets, with an innate and up-to-date knowledge of the Patriots defense.

And the Jets didn’t stop with Elgin and Caldwell. Last week, they met with former Patriots defensive back Artrell Hawkins, whom New England released earlier this summer.

Seemingly anyone that spends some time in Foxboro, Mass., has a decent chance of winding up in Hempstead, N.Y., even if it is for so much as an informal visit.

In recent seasons, the Jets have signed former Patriots such as cornerback Hank Poteat and linebacker Matt Chatham, and added coaches such as Eric Mangini and quarterbacks coach Brian Daboll, whom New York hired last offseason. Daboll is now viewed as the successor to head-coach-in-waiting Brian Schottenheimer, the Jets offensive coordinator.

But this much is clear: the Jets are playing Patriots games even before playing the Patriots Sunday.

Originally Posted by Green DNA

I hope Belichick doesn't bring in Marko. Then we will certainly be doomed.

(Editor's Note: True enough - all of the Twinkies and RingDings on Long Island would end up in New England...)


Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

As a team... Honestly, we have to do so many different things right to have a chance at beating this New England team.

We do have one advantage though... We are playing in the Meadowlands, it's week one of the season, Jet fans have been waiting for this game since the loss in the playoffs to this NE team... And I feel this Jets croud needs to be LOUD, and rock the stadium and maybe even distract Brady and the Offense at times.

-I feel we need to attack J.Green and J.Sanders on the offensive side of the ball.

-We need to contain the run... Bend but dont break, and we need to keep the Patriots rushing attack under 100 yards... Keeping them under 80 would be a dream come true.

-It would be nice to see this Jets D try and confuse this NE team all game long by playing the 3-4, 4-3, 46, dime, quarter, nickel, and just give this NE Offesne different looks at times, change it up a bit, just like we did alot of last season.

-I would love for our D Line to apply pressure on T.Brady this way we dont get killed when we send the Blitz. I look for players such as S.Ellis, D.Robertson, Hobson and B.Thomas to get after Brady early and often.

-We MUST run the ball with Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, thats the only way we have a chance at beating this team this Sunday. Thomas Jones needs to be our work-horse, and Leon Washington needs to get the ball in the flats, we need Leon Washington to break 2 or 3 big gains this week to slow down this Patriots D.

-Our Defense needs to get off of the field on 3rd downs... I dont wanna see this Patriot team picking up 1st downs when we have them in a 3th and 8, 3rd and long situations.

-If Chad can dink and dunk all game to Barker, Thomas Jones, Leon Washington while picking up 4-5 yards per pass... That will only open up the middle of the field for Coles, Cotchery along with J.Mac to make plays.

-I really feel the key to this game has to be our young O-Line... Can Brick shut down J.Green? I believe so. All in all, players such as Ferguson, Clarke/Bender, Mangold, B.Moore, A.Clement with the help of C.Baker all need to turn it up a notch and proect Chad from Green, Wilfork, and Warren.

If we can rush the ball, and protect Chad from getting sacked more than 2 times this week... I think players such as Coles, Cotch, J.Mac, Leon, Thomas Jones will all beable to move the chains while making plays.

One more thing... I would be nervious about sending K.Rhodes on a blitz this week if I were Mangini... I'm sure he knows alot more about the game of football than me, lol, but the Patriots have 2 speed burners on each side in Stallworth and Moss... Brady can throw the deep ball with the best of em... WE CANT LET MOSS OR STALLOWORTH BEAT US DEEP! Our Safetys must drop back and make plays on the ball... That goes for E.Coleman aswell.

Originally Posted by barton

You are the Herman Edwards of message board posting.

(Editor's Note: That's not fair - Herman could never spell as well as DWC...)


Originally Posted by BUM-KNEE

Ive never been to the Meadowlands, how expensive is the food/beer?

Originally Posted by SeniorFlaJet

If you have to ask you can't afford it.

(Editor's Note: No wonder I'm always asking questions - I can't afford anything!)



Originally Posted by JetFanByMarriage

I have a good friend who's daughter is in a contest to be in the Grinch this winter but she needs votes.

Her name is Emma Touhey and she is just such a nice kid.

She has been working hard to be in a broadway play for years and has a chance to make it.

It is down to 12 kids and she is one of them. If you do not mind taking five minutes out of your time please vote for her. It ends friday and you can vote once a day.

She is number 10 on the list!


Thank you,

mrs max!

Originally Posted by Alk

Oh, just a little ballot stuffing eh? When I saw the thread title I thought Max had wrapped himself in plastic wrap and forgot to leave a hole to breath out of again.

(Editor's Note: Nah, JFBM would just wait it out and then call Quincy, M.E. to come and haul the carcass...)


Originally Posted by BwanaZulia

Picked up by Curbed..



82,000? Puh-leaze! My alma mater's stadium, Beaver Stadium at Penn State, holds more than 109,000 rabid fans, and that's not including the luxury boxes along the top on both sides.

By Maggie at September 5, 2007 12:37 PM

(The Nomination: "I have no idea what that site is but look at these comments. And a big old POTW to GHB. Someone get that person here, I like their style. Maggie, that's one big beaver!" - Max)

(Editor's Note: 1CetPq_pkHc???)


Topic: Confessions of a Chiefs Fan

Originally Posted by Roger Vick

Hi All,

I'm a season ticket holder of the Chiefs, and my family has been for the last two decades or so. I'm not a fairweather type, and I consider myself a passionate, and fairly well-informed football fan.

With that being said, I've never been as completely ashamed and embarrassed of any coach attached to our franchise as I am of Herm Edwards, and that includes Greg Robinson.

I really like watching "Hard Knocks", but it seems pretty clear from just a few episodes that Herm is more of a politician concerned with his standing among the league office and his friends (in this case the players) than he is winning football games. Many times on there he's made a complete ass out of himself and the franchise, beginning with the ridiculous Freshman Cheerleader "Welcome to Training Camp" sign and extending through is treatment of the players, his handling of rough situations, etc.

When Kyle Turley gets involved in a fight all we hear is "we need a new right tackle, we need a new right tackle," when what should have been done was a thorough, and well publicized ass-chewing for getting himself thrown out of the game.

He spends all of the preseason so terrified of injury, that we stand no hope in the first two games of the year, because we haven't practiced any of our offensive or defensive schemes.

Yesterday, of course, was the icing on the cake, where not more than one year removed from saying he wouldn't tinker with our offense, he had the audacity to claim that scoring 30 a game isn't really football, it's "Arena League".

I still dont' understand how in the hell this buffoon ever got a job doing anything other than defensive back scouting. He's a complete blight on our franchise, and he has this Chiefs fan's hopes lower than any season I can recall.

So for all of you that are accused of trolling on Chiefs boards, be rest assured that your predictions and warnings did not universally fall on deaf ears.

But how can you cope with an idiot of this magnitude??

(Editor's Note: My condolences, R.V. - you're only hope is that Herm gets that call to work in the league office he's been brown-nosing for all of these years...)


Topic: Injury Report 9/5

Originally Posted by Gainzo

By Mike Reiss, Globe Staff

The Patriots released their first injury report of the season today and receiver Randy Moss is not listed.

Injury reports take on a different form this year. Instead of using the designations "doubtful", "questionable" and "probable" on Wednesday and Thursday, the NFL has switched to focusing on how much practice time players have missed on those days.

The new categories are "out", "did not participate in practice", "limited participation in practice" and "full participation in practice."

The designations of "out", "doubtful", "questionable" and "probable" will now be used only on Friday and Saturday.

The Patriots' report:

Limited participation in practice

S Rashad Baker (hand)

TE David Thomas (foot)

DL Mike Wright (knee)

Full participation in practice

QB Tom Brady (right shoulder)

The Jets report:

Limited participation in practice

CB Andre Dyson (foot)

RB Thomas Jones (calf)

CB Justin Miller (thigh)

OL Brandon Moore (shoulder)

S Eric Smith (thigh)

Full participation in practice

TE Joe Kowalewski (finger)

QB Chad Pennington (pelvis)

DL Dewayne Robertson (knee)

WR Chansi Stuckey (knee)

FB Stacy Tutt (foot)

Originally Posted by Alk

So who knew that Pennington had a noodle pelvis? Other than ecurb of course.

(Editor's Note: ecurb and the lovely Mrs. Pennington are aware of the situation and are equally disappointed in Chadwick's - ahem - performance. Actually, e is a little more upset, but that's only because he's with rockets all day...)


Topic: BillParcells

Originally Posted by GreenMachine

Stop copying me...

I became a mod at TGG.

You Became a mod at JN

I changed my SN at TGG to GM

You changed yours to BP

I plan on having sex with my wife tonite.

Your move, buddy

Originally Posted by SoFlaJets

BP is a big copycat GM...BTW YOU copied ME b/c I already got some afternoon pookie today-then took her to the mall and bought her 4 new pairs of Levis and then an early dinner at Carrabba's

(Editor's Note: Nice SoFla - I need some lessons for you. To answer GM's question, though - BP planned on the same thing as you - sex with your wife that night - is that cool?)


Originally Posted by UrlsGrrl54

Wow, having a non-white coach was torture for you? How about getting rid of your non-white players as well (and let's see how successful your team will be without them)?

Too bad you can't grasp that diversity isn't a bane, but a BLESSING.

Originally Posted by Boozer76

Sweetheart, where exactly did he say anything of that nature? In fact at the time most Jets fans were praying for Marvin Lewis. At least Lewis had a track record as a successful Defensive Coordinator, as did Lovie Smith. Both were in playoff hunts and Tagliabue called Woody Johnson and pitched a very strong case for Herm Edwards to satisfy the minority clause. He strongly felt a black HC in NY would go a long way towards the cause for minority coaches, which it definitely would and did. The problem was that Woody wouldn't stand his ground at the time as a new inexperienced owner and wait until the QUALIFIED minority candidates were available.

I always love when people immediately jump on somebody who says something negtive about a minority's performance as if it is always a racist motive. The only thing nearly as bad as racism itself is blindly assuming a racist attitude of others when they express criticism towards a minority. Newsflash-Herm Edwards is a bad Head Coach. Not because he's black, but because he's a bad coach. Tom Coughlin isn't bad because he's white, is he? Would you immediately assume that someone saying negative comment about Coughlin must be racist towards whites? It's your attitude of assumption that does nothing but help perpetuate the problem.

(Editor's Note: Well stated and I fully agree. Herm is a bad coach regardless of color, creed, or sexual preference. Looking for racial issues where there are none does nobody any good.)


Originally Posted by johnny green balls

haha similar experience. i took a feminist theory class and i swallowed my pride and spouted off the most liberal, feminist stuff i could imagine the whole semester. well near the end of the term, the professor brings in her TA who had been studying abroad and had just returned. d'oh-- i effed the TA once and never called her back. C-

(Editor's Note: I guess you can say you really effed that one up, huh?)


Originally Posted by SoFlaJets

back to the original post....

I have been watching Hard Knocks every Wednesday night and have YET TO SEE Herman Edwards and either Gunther or Krumrie say word one to each other. Oh and don't even ASK us about friggin Dick Curl OMG-now that guy is totally useless...but hey one thing I HAVE learned is that this is Carl's team NOT Herm's anyway...

Originally Posted by Green DNA

Dick Curl can't say anything or his dentures would fall out. His pearly white dentures (sorry to bring the color of his false teeth into the conversation)

(Editor's Note: You're just racist, DNA - what if he dentures were yellow, would that make them worse or better or something. Plus, Herm may have finally figured out the big hand, little hand thing on his watch (or perhaps he went digital).)


Topic: I noticed the days are getting shorter...

Originally Posted by Jetcane








(Editor's Note: Thank goodness for fall and football - the most wonderful time of the year.)


Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards


(Editor's Note: You're gonna need a bigger sign to beat the Edwards/Hackett outta old Chadwick, I'm afraid...)


And this week's winner:

Originally Posted by SouthernJet

this has to be a joke thread,,mangini wont play best players or have that he hjas coaches on his staff that arent playing best players because of where the players learned to drink beer..

here is atip,,schlegel sucks.

Originally Posted by 124

He has watched him play in practice and in preseason games. I will trust Mangini when he releases someone and says that they cannot play. The Jets having a couple of Michigan linebackers does not mean anything as to Anthony Schlegel. You are very, very foolish to think that him attending Ohio State had anything to do with his release. If thats the case, I guess Mangini is looking for the first trade offer he gets for Nick Mangold and Mike Nugent.

Congratulations to 124 on his big win this week. This is the first time that 124 has won this prestigious award, so I'd like to congratulate him on finally breaking his POTW cherry. Great post to start the regular season off with, 124 - wear the badge with pride this week:


The Assist of the Week goes to BP for setting up the one-liner of the week contributed by DMaynard "Do you really need a book for 'hand off to Larry Johnson'"? - I'm still laughing about that one - and it's been a tough week for laughs around here. Thanks, #13.

So there it is - POTW for the opening week of the 2007 NFL season. Hope you all enjoy the games!

Y'all be cool and GO JETS.


PS - All the best to the SJ/jgb clan this weekend in Philadelphia - enjoy it, guys!

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nice job 124, is that your first win? long time coming if it was.

for a minute there i thought this weeks potw was all about throwing DWC around like a dead baby. I think you all know how much i love dead babies, so lets keep it up.

great job beans, awsome as usual! (and yes, tictac is 100% out of my league, don't tell her that though, she doesn't believe....ya know...everyone :))

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CONGRATS 1-2-4!!!!

Once again great job Beans!!! I swear I wont potw nom anything pertaining to DWC this week....:)


Congrats on losing your POTW cherry, 124!

Here's to hoping you will soon lose your real cherry! :P



Hahaha, First POTW nomination for the new week. Congratulations 124, it's about time. Good job as usual Beans.


I have to second DNA's POTW nomination

And we'll get to see that ouch again next week, it seems. :D

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You had sex when you were 10? Holy sh!t, what do they teach you guys in Jersey.

Congrats bro and great work Beans, always a fun read.

Another diss. I love it raffy, you old as bastard.:P I'll bring you some Viagra for your BL Smoothies on Sunday.

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lol, *******. The kid wins a POTW and now it's all about 124.:P

See you Sunday, make sure you stop by for a shot.


Definitely dude. You are like 5 or 6 rows away where me and my old man park, how could I not?

Cya then Mr.I'm not ready to tailgate at 9am in Cleveland.;)

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