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Someone needs to tell Chad to lighten up...


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http://www.patriots.com/mediacenter/index.cfm?ac=VideoNewsdetail&pid=27504&pcid=111 (select video, then brady press conference)

Just my opinion, but when I see/hear Pennington like this it doesn't give me a confident feeling about Sunday's game. This is the way Pennington sounds before they lose a game. He doesn't sound excited about the game. He sounds tight. He sounds like he knows the other team is better. He doesn't sound like he's looking forward to the game.

Listen to Brady talk about the game. He sounds excited to play football. He sounds like he's looking forward to the game. He sounds ready for the game.

Just my take. Someone needs to tell Pennington to lighten up and not take himself so seriously. Whenever I've seen Pennington look like this in his Wednesday presser, he's had a bad game the following Sunday.

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