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Mo Lewis fault


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Call it the curse of Mo Lewis

By Mark Kelly

ESPN Research


Updated: January 28, 2008, 4:48 PM ET

Sept. 23, 2001: Jets at Patriots

Jets linebacker Mo Lewis blasts Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe as he tries to scramble for a first down with 5:11 left in the fourth quarter and the Jets ahead 10-3. After being attended to on the sideline, Bledsoe returns for the next series but is ineffective -- he turned out to be seriously injured with internal bleeding -- and is replaced by the Pats' sixth-round draft pick from the previous year, Tom Brady.

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pg2_g_lewis_200.jpgDavid Stluka/Getty Images

Did Mo Lewis unwittingly reverse the fortunes of Boston and New York sports on Sept. 23, 2001?

The Jets hold on to win, but this one play fatefully becomes a historic turning point for the New York and Boston sports scenes. Take a look:Baseball championships from 1919 to Sept. 23, 2001

New York: 33

Boston: 0

After Sept. 23, 2001

New York: 0

Boston: 2

Super Bowl championships before Sept. 23, 2001

New York: 3

New England: 0

After Sept. 23, 2001

New York: 0

New England: 3

New York Knicks playoff victories

Six years prior to Sept. 23, 2001: 37

Six years since Sept. 23, 2001: 0

Before Mo Lewis' hit

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The Jets lost to 2-12 Buffalo at home in Week 16 of 2001, costing them the AFC East title and a first-round bye, which ultimately went to the Patriots. The Jets are 2-11 against the Patriots and haven't won a playoff game since the Lewis hit.

How come they did not list 41-0 or the SD playoff win?

Get your sources right hoodie :P

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