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TJ for Braylon very possible


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If you're so sure the outcome will be a disaster why wait until after the game?

Because i'd give him to the beginning of the season to bring someone serviceable (at least a high tier #2 like coles) in and after the first game it's obvious that it isn't gonna happen.

I'll agree with this, except the "fair price" isn't just the trade compensation. It includes the contract. Edwards is a prima donna looking for $8-10M per year. That's where I'd balk. Not the 2nd and 5th or whatever it would probably take to get him (or Boldin)

I agree, it's a total package but $8mill/year and a 2nd and 5th is a no brainer.

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I don't think Cotchery get enough credit. He's tough, he holds on to the ball he get to the marker. He makes magical catches, he floats, he cathes the ball with one and his shoulder pad while being dragged down. He's made on big play after another, whether it's a first down or a TD.

I think cothery can be a one if the definition of a one is the guy with the most catches and yards. What we need is a deep threat , a guy who will burn a corner one on one, therfore drawing attention from the safties, therefore opening up Cotchery, or Keller, or a Leon screen or a TJ draw , or a flea flicker. What's a one and a two, how about 1 and 1B?


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