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Trade up; Trade down


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Tannenbaum's nuts, but he's not trading up to the #2 pick in the draft this year.

I should say not. The number 2 pick will cost us a fortune in $$ not to mention what we'd have to give up in draft choices to get it. No thanks.

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the jets are juggling a lot of contracts. they showed they are concerned about it with brandon marshall (they didn't offer him enough to make the trade, even though they wanted him). so no way they are trading up.

i say they stay put at 29 unless they get an offer to trade down. this draft has a lot of depth. the jets can get 1st round talent in the second round. besides the jets don't need to pick superstars in this draft, just solid players at their positions.

34 DE just needs to be a big body who will take up blockers. he can be had in the middle to late rounds

nickel CB to cover a slot WR or TE doesn't have to be the fastest guy in the draft. he can be had in the 2nd round.

a good 34 OLB edge rusher is hit or miss in the draft. if one falls to 29 that the jets are comfortable with fine. if not don't trade up. they'll be edge rushers in the 2nd round who may not be superstars but will be impact players nonetheless.

previous years it proved smart to trade up. we needed superstars at certain positions. this year it will be smart to stay put or trade down given the opportunity. we're almost there. we just need to fill a couple of positions with young solid contributors who can come in and play right away.

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