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Our best offensive weapon...

Irish Jet

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It doesn't matter who we have as a wide reciever. It could be jerry rice (in his prime), starting across from Randy Moss. No one is getting the ball with Shotty calling the plays.

3-5 yard dump passes and screens...thats it...

I wish. They were laying way the hell off of Edwards. If they just threw him the ball on the line a few times they'd have had some nice gains even without him breaking any tackles. It also would force the sh*tty CB to roll up and be more sucseptible to the deep ball. God forbid.

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Was not ******* playing yesterday! Some of you seriously need to chill the **** out. Guy makes Braylon Edwards look like a scrub.

Braylon Edwards, make Braylon Edwards look like a scrub.

Assuming Santonio Holmes had played, and Sanchez looked equally confused, and the playcalling lacked the same common-sense and rhythm it lacked on Monday... and Santonio finished with 2 catches for 26 yards, then.... then could we be pissed off?

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