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A-rod has another 30 Hr season


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I know and know why people hate him for his personality and admitted cheating

but just basing things on stats and other things ON THE FIELD....A-rod is a top 10 talent in MLB history

Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Williams, Wagner, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, A-rod, Bonds.

ofcourse you can argue guys like Stan Musial, Tris Speaker, Joe Dimaggio, Mike Schmidt, Josh Gibson (never got to play in the majors due to his race), Oscar Charleston (ditto)

but that'd be my top 10 draftboard if I had a time machine. a SS who can hit 50 homers and get gold gloves at the same time will never happen again and not even other roiders like Tejada or Nomar could come close.

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He got hot late, hopefully that carries over into the postseason! I know another # I would like to see the Yankees add to.

Allot of guys get hot late, do you think they know how many times they can be tested per season, and so after the last test they juice up?

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