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QB dept. : jets starting QB in 2013 is... ~ ~ ~


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It is my belief that the starting quarterback of the 2013 Jets on opening day will be Mark Sanchez.

The team will certainly bring in competition, but the quality of said competition will be low to moderate, and Sanchez will defeat them (even if only in Rex's eyes) in Camp and preseason.

Sanchez will start. Sanchez will in all likelyhood fail. Sanchez and Rex will thus be fired at years end.

And the real next era of the New York Jets will begin in 2014.

2014 would be like the 25th era in franchise history. Great franchises have way less. Maybe they can run out the ol' "This Time It's Different" tag and bring up how no one plans to say process anymore.

Agreed with this whole post unfortunately, though up to the part where it all fails and the Jets for the millionth time relaunch into rebuild mode. That sh*t, rebuilding, is like a drug to this fanbase. You say it and everyone's ears perk up a big because it's so totally going to be different.

Sorry your post triggered nonsense since you are a potentially great character.

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2014 would be like the 25th era in franchise history. Great franchises have way less. Maybe they can run out the ol' "This Time It's Different" tag and bring up how no one plans to say process anymore.

Agreed with this whole post unfortunately, though up to the part where it all fails and the Jets for the millionth time relaunch into rebuild mode. That sh*t, rebuilding, is like a drug to this fanbase. You say it and everyone's ears perk up a big because it's so totally going to be different.

Sorry your post triggered nonsense since you are a potentially great character.


root for the Giants then....

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Nick Foles anyone?  Word is he's available for a draft pick.


Not completely uninterested. While he comes off as a hippie stoner, he was one of the more interesting QBs in last year's draft and has had success with the current OC. He's as good a guess as anyone out there to be Idzik's Charlie Whitehurst here. 

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~ ~  Free-agent match: QB Matt Moore

Analysis : Keep in mind the Jets will have little
wiggle room this offseason. The team is already more than $19 million
over the cap, and New York has to make enough cuts to provide money for
its draft class and a few affordable free agents. Moore is the kind of
cheap free agent who could provide the Jets some bang for their buck.
Moore was Ryan Tannehill’s backup in Miami all last season but is
looking for a chance to compete. That opportunity would be in New York
against the struggling Mark Sanchez. Jets fans want Alex Smith, but need to realize they don’t have that kind of cap room. I think a trade for Seattle's Matt Flynn would be the best option. But if nothing happens in the trade market, a cheap signing like Moore would not be a bad option.

Chances: Average


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/55238/ideal-free-agent-pairings-for-afc-east

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Sunday notes   : A challenging QB market


The thing about Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib and Matt Barkley? None of them is Russell Wilson, at least if you believe Mel Kiper.We're back after a one-week hiatus, looking at the Jets and around the league:

1. QB hunters: New GM John Idzik and the Jets'

entire scouting staff will descend on Indianapolis this week for the

scouting combine, their first chance to see the top quarterbacks under

the same roof. The Jets desperately need hope at the quarterback

position, but this year is a challenge for talent evaluators because

there are no sure things. Each of the top prospects has concerns: Matt

Barkley (USC) had a disappointing senior year and hurt his shoulder.

Geno Smith (West Virginia) slumped late in the year. Mike Glennon (North

Carolina State) and Tyler Wilson (Arkansas) posted mediocre TD-INT

ratios. Ryan Nassib (Syracuse) didn't wow at the Senior Bowl.

"The wheels came off for all the quarterbacks at some point this

year," ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said. "I think that’s why the teams

are in predicament they are, trying to figure out this whole QB thing

and not overdraft and push a guy up when he’s not deserving."This

separates the good scouting departments from the mediocre ones. There's no Andrew Luck

here, but you can bet that starters will emerge from this draft. The

pressure is on the evaluators to dig deep and determine if there's

enough talent behind the flaws of each prospect. Sometimes there's an

explanation. For instance: Glennon is criticized for having completed

only 59 percent of his passes last season, but he was victimized by 46

drops, according to NFL.com. I expect the Jets to draft a quarterback at

some point. Will they get it right? We'll see.

2. RW 2.0?: Quarterback-needy teams, including the Jets, are looking for the next Russell Wilson.

Not happening, according to Kiper. He called Wilson a

"once-in-a-lifetime player." Indeed, how many 5-foot-10 quarterbacks

taken in the third round become instant stars? "You're not going to find

a Russell Wilson every year," Kiper said. "You're not going to find a

Russell Wilson every 20 years." That's not what Jets fans want to hear.

Idzik was part of the Seattle brain trust that drafted Wilson and made

him a rookie starter.

3. Poor supply, big demand: Two quarterbacks expected to hit the open market -- Michael Vick and Tarvaris Jackson

-- were retained by the Eagles and Bills, respectively. Bills coach

Doug Marrone said Jackson will be in an open competition against

incumbent Ryan Fitzpatrick,who was thought to be on the chopping block. Detect a trend? The pool

of available quarterbacks is so weak that teams are holding on to what

they have, which doesn't bode well for the Jets. It's great news for a

player like Matt Moore (Dolphins), an ordinary quarterback who could find himself the object of a free-agent bidding war. In this case, less is Moore.

4. Money for nothing: Interesting trend uncovered

by ESPN's John Clayton: The top seven spending teams in 2012 failed to

make the playoffs. (We're talking actual dollars, not cap dollars.) The

biggest spenders/losers were the Saints at $167 million. In case you're

wondering, the Jets finished 19th at $123.3 million in payroll. That

figure, standing alone, isn't alarming. The real eyebrow-raiser is how

they left so much unused cap space -- $3.5 million at the end of the

year. For the record, the Super Bowl-champion Ravens ($132 million)

finished 11th in payroll.

5. Super Mario: Let's pretend for a moment that the Jets acquiesce to Darrelle Revis and give him a Mario Williams-like

contract -- six years, $96 million. It couldn't be the exact same deal

because Revis still has a year left (Williams was a free agent), but

play along as we use Williams' deal as a guide. Revis' cap numbers would

be: $9.8 million, $12.4 million, $18.4 million, $19 million, $19.9

million and $16.5 million. His number would explode in 2015. Many

believe the salary cap will spike in 2015, with new TV money thrown into

the pot, but now there's talk that a spike won't occur. If the Jets re-up with Revis, they have to be prepared to incur a cap charge akin to a franchise quarterback.

6. Fountain of Youth: Rex Ryan's

new-look coaching staff has a lot less NFL coaching experience than the

previous one. The current staff (15 assistants) has a total of 87 years.

The 2012 staff (same size) began last season with 128 years. A big

chunk walked out the door when special teams coach Mike Westhoff (29

years) retired.

7. Buyer, beware: The cap-strapped Panthers may cut one of their three highly-paid running backs -- DeAngelo Williams ($8.2 million cap charge), Jonathan Stewart ($3 million) or Mike Tolbert

($2 million). Williams is the mostly likely to go, which surely would

excite Jets fans looking for some excitement in the backfield. Beware,

though: Williams turns 30 in April and was having a terrible year before

rushing for 210 yards in the season finale against the Saints, the

worst statistical defense in history. That wouldn't be a good pickup for

the Jets.

8. No Jets love: Eleven players from the AFC East

made the Pro Football Weekly top 50 free-agent list -- but no Jets. The

Dolphins led the way with six players -- LT Jake Long (3rd), RB Reggie Bush (15), CB Sean Smith (27), DT Randy Starks (28), WR Brian Hartline (41) and QB Matt Moore (46). Three Patriots made it -- CB Aquib Talib (14), WR Wes Welker (17) and OT Sebastian Vollmer (20). The Bills had two -- G Andy Levitre (18) and S Jarius Byrd (22).

9. The Commi$sh: Roger Goodell reportedly made $29.5 million in 2011. Is that the franchise-tag amount for commissioners ?

10. Green with envy: The Giants cop a haughty

attitude when it comes to the Jets, calling them second-class citizens.

But when their so-called stars gets released, they always seem to

mention how they'd be interested in playing for the Jets. Funny how that



> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/20798/sunday-notes-a-challenging-qb-market

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AFC East offseason Stock Watch


The offseason is underway and the NFL combine will begin later this week.

Let’s take a look at whose stock is up and whose stock is down in the AFC East.


~ ~ Rising


2. Mark Sanchez, Jets quarterback: Perhaps no AFC East player had a tougher 2012 season than Sanchez. First, there was the Tim Tebow pressure. Then, Sanchez underperformed and regressed as a player. But things are surprisingly looking up for Sanchez. The rookie quarterback class is getting awful reviews and the veteran market for quarterbacks continues to shrink. The Jets also lack the cap room to acquire a big name like Alex Smith. The best chance New York has of adding respectable veteran competition is trading for Matt Flynn of the Seattle Seahawks. But Sanchez probably likes his chances against Flynn or any rookie in 2013 to keep his job.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/55365/afc-east-offseason-stock-watch

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AFC East offseason Stock Watch
February, 26, 2013

Let's take a look at whose stock is up and whose stock is down in the AFC East.


~ ~ Falling

1. Quarterback market for Bills, Jets : The
already-thin quarterback market appears to be getting thinner each week.
Reports now indicate that the San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Smith,
the top quarterback available this offseason, may have a trade in place
with a mystery team. Most believe that team is Kansas City. If the
reports are accurate, who is left for the Bills and Jets? Will they
stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick or Mark Sanchez? Or would Buffalo and New York go the rookie route with Geno Smith, Mike Glennon or Ryan Nassib? Perhaps Matt Flynn
is a possibility for the Jets. However, none of these options appears
to get Buffalo or New York any closer to the Patriots in the AFC East.


rest of above article :

> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/55703/afc-east-offseason-stock-watch-2

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Ryan Fitzpatrick, Bills -- His days in Buffalo appear numbered because of a $3 million roster bonus due in March. The Bills would take a $10 million cap hit by releasing him, but it appears they want to start over at quarterback. Fitzpatrick hasn't been the same since signing a six-year, $62 million contract in 2011 (he has received $26 millon of that amount), but he has an 82.9 passer rating this season, which isn't horrible on a bad team.

Potential fit with the Jets: He's still only 30 years old, knows the AFC East and could be serviceable in the right offense. Of course, he's a Harvard man, which means he's probably smart enough to stay away from the Jets.


This kind of jabbing by Rich Cimini is really immature and uncalled for. The Jets have made the playoffs many times in the past 10 years. In 2009, the Jets were 1 game away from the Superbowl. In 2010, they were 1 game away again. All this with terrible QB play. They still have the same coach that took them there.


Yet he makes the Jets out to be like the Browns or the Bills. Give me a break.

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Cimini is right. Personally the Jets are the worst franchise in pro sports, possibly the history of pro sports. Fitzpatrick would be wise to avoid as there are no Weaponz, the D is stupid, the coaches are stupid, the HC is stupid, and the GM is no Football Man. It's an utter train wreck of a situation.

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Cimini is right. Personally the Jets are the worst franchise in pro sports, possibly the history of pro sports. Fitzpatrick would be wise to avoid as there are no Weaponz, the D is stupid, the coaches are stupid, the HC is stupid, and the GM is no Football Man. It's an utter train wreck of a situation.





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Sunday notes   : A challenging QB market


 In case you're wondering, the Jets finished 19th at $123.3 million in payroll. That

figure, standing alone, isn't alarming. The real eyebrow-raiser is how

they left so much unused cap space -- $3.5 million at the end of the

year. For the record, the Super Bowl-champion Ravens ($132 million)

finished 11th in payroll.



> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/20798/sunday-notes-a-challenging-qb-market


Did they leave that $3.5M unused or did they roll it over?  I thought they could roll that money over, but I didn't think they could wait until the end of the year to do it.  I can't imagine Tannenbaum would let that money rot on the vine, even if it just meant giving Sanchez 2013 money in 2012.

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The San Francisco 49ers have agreed to trade quarterback Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs, a league source confirmed to ESPN.com's John Clayton.


Adnan Virk and Danny Kanell react to the report that the 49ers have traded Alex Smith to the Chiefs.

Kansas City will trade its second-round pick in the 2013 draft -- the

second selection (No. 34 overall) in the round -- as well as another
conditional mid-round pick in 2014 to acquire Smith from San Francisco, a
league source told ESPN.

As a result of the trade, the Chiefs are expected to release former starting quarterback Matt Cassel, league sources told ESPN.At this point, Smith will play under terms of his remaining contract,which calls for a guaranteed base salary of $8.5 million in 2013. Therehas been no discussions between the Chiefs and Smith's representatives about negotiating a new contract.

The trade can't be officially completed until March 12 when the 2013 league year begins.The trade agreement was first reported by Fox Sports.Smith, the 2005 No. 1 overall draft pick, lost his starting job to Colin Kaepernick while sitting out with a concussion but was professional at every turn and continued to mentor his replacement.Before his injury, Smith had completed 26 of his last 28 passes --including going 18-of-19 for 232 yards, three touchdowns and no
interceptions in a "Monday Night Football" win at Arizona on Oct. 29.He then sustained a concussion in the second quarter of the 49ers'next game, a 24-24 tie against St. Louis on Nov. 11. Smith sat out the
next game as Kaepernick dazzled in his debut as an NFL starter, beating
the Bears handily at home on "Monday Night Football." Smith didn't start
again last season.

The 28-year-old quarterback has thrown for 14,280 yards with 81 touchdowns and 63 interceptions in 80 career games.


> http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/8995035/san-francisco-49ers-agree-trade-alex-smith-kansas-city-chiefs-source

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I have been told by a pretty decent source down here that the Jets are in stealth mode but are very very high on Duke's QB Sean Renfree in this draft. Not that it means anything but some current blurbs:



Bit, 5th round? (Maybe 4th if you fear losing him. I dont see him lasting to the 6th)

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Jets hot for Brady Quinn  ?
On ESPN's "NFL32" show, colleague Chris Mortensen mentioned
the possibility of the Jets signing free-agent QB Brady Quinn. It makes
some sense. Let's connect the dots :

Quinn and new QBs coach David Lee have a strong relationship. Lee
never formally coached Quinn, but he has tutored him in recent years.
During the 2011 lockout, Quinn attended Peyton and Eli Manning's
quarterback camp and worked under Lee, the Ole Miss offensive
coordinator at the time.

"I'm going to tell you this right now: Brady Quinn has a stronger
arm than both the Manning brothers," Lee told the Denver Post in 2011.
"No question. I worked them all out."

Quinn, a former first-round pick, has told friends he believes Lee
is the best teacher he's ever been around. Word has it that Lee, during
his job interview last year with the Jets, spoke highly of Quinn. Lee
went to the Bills, but his recommendation may have stuck. When the Jets
were looking for a backup last March, they arranged a visit for Quinn.

As it turned out, Quinn never made it to Florham Park because the
Jets ended up signing Drew Stanton, who was traded a week later when
Tim Tebow arrived.Obviously, Quinn hasn't met career expectations.
He's 4-16 as a starter, with 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions with
the Browns, Broncos and Chiefs.

The Jets have told people around the league they plan to go to camp
with five quarterbacks -- Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Matt Simms and
two others. Quinn could be one of the others.
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The Jets never showed interest in former 49ers QB Alex Smith,

who reportedly was traded to the Chiefs, but it impacts them

because there's one less quarterback on the market.

So who's left ?


The pickings are slim.


Smith was the most accomplished quarterback available,

which isn't saying much. He would've been an upgrade over

Mark Sanchez, but enough to justify his $8.5 million salary ?

No way.

The Jets' search continues.

This isn't a good time to be in the quarterback market, as

there are no sure-fire answers in the draft and free agency.


Let's take an inventory :



Brady Quinn, Chiefs: Jets expressed interest in him last March.

Matt Moore, Dolphins: Steady game manager. A hold-the-fort player.

Jason Campbell, Bears: Hasn't played much the last two years, but he has talent.


Matt Flynn, Seahawks: John Idzik connection, knows West Coast offense.

Nick Foles, Eagles: New OC Marty Mornhinweg knows him well from Philly.



Matt Cassel, Chiefs: Ugh.

Kevin Kolb, Cards:
Another Mornhinweg protégé; could be cut before March 15 if he doesn't
re-work his contract. Pay close attention,  * *   Jets fans, this could be the
guy * *


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/21046/smith-to-kc-one-less-qb-on-market

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Should Jets consider QB Matt Cassel  ?
nyj.gifThe New York Jets are desperate for a quarterback and need to turn
over every rock to find competition for the embattled Mark Sanchez.

Should the Jets consider signing Matt Cassel this offseason ?

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is about to be released now
that the team has agreed to trade for San Francisco's Alex Smith.
The Chiefs have a new head coach in Andy Reid and a new quarterback in
Smith. It's time for the Chiefs to part ways with Cassel after four

Cassel, 30, would not be a long-term solution for New York. He threw
for just 1,796 yards with six touchdowns and 12 interceptions last
season. But Cassel could add immediate competition for Sanchez, which
would only make both players better. Cassel also has plenty of starting
experience with Kansas City and New England and he made the Pro Bowl in

Most importantly, Cassel could provide the Jets a cheap alternative.
Other options like Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn
would require the Jets trading draft picks and accepting a larger
salary. The Jets have a tight salary cap this offseason and need to make
wise, cost-effective decisions.


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Thoughts on Jets, David Garrard

The New York Jets continue their search to find a viable quarterback. The New York Daily News reports the Jets recently worked out veteran quarterback David Garrard.

Here are some quick-hit thoughts on the Jets and Garrard :
  • This falls in line with New York general manager John Idzik's
    declaration to add competition to the quarterback competition. Garrard
    made a good case to be the starter last year in Miami. He was the best
    quarterback in training camp, which also included Matt Moore and rookie Ryan Tannehill, until a back injury ended Garrard's season. If healthy, Garrard, 35, may be able to give struggling incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez a run for the job.
  • Working out Garrard makes sense from a schematic standpoint, as
    well. Garrard is a West Coast quarterback. He had success with it in
    Jacksonville and also showed very little learning curve with Miami's
    West Coast scheme. New Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is
    changing New York from a ground-and-pound offense to a precision
    passing, West Coast team. This gives Garrard a chance to thrive.
  • Finally, this further signals the end for Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow.
    The Jets are looking to add a veteran to compete with Sanchez and
    probably a developmental quarterback via the draft. If the Jets sign
    Garrard or any veteran, that makes Tebow the odd man out. New York is
    hoping Tebow could bring back value with a trade. But the market for
    Tebow appears non-existent.

> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/55799/thoughts-on-jets-david-garrard

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I have been told by a pretty decent source down here that the Jets are in stealth mode but are very very high on Duke's QB Sean Renfree in this draft. Not that it means anything but some current blurbs:



Bit, 5th round? (Maybe 4th if you fear losing him. I dont see him lasting to the 6th)

Bit, you have any data/heard 'talk' on Sean??

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Is Tim Tebow still in the Jets plans ?

The conventional wisdom is that if the New York Jets can't trade Tim Tebow,

they will cut him at some point in the offseason.But is that's what the Jets

really plan to do? General manager JohnIdzik suggested in a conference

call Monday with season ticket holders that Tebow could still be in their

training camp this summer.He said of the quarterbacks, "Let it play out this

offseason and intotraining camp. I think that'll be healthy for all concerned,


Now it could be Idzik was just posturing and trying to convince a

team that wants Tebow that it has to trade for him because they may not

cut him.But an NFL.com writer suggested the Jets shouldn't cut Tebow and that

if they bring him to camp, it won't create a circus atmosphere because

he would be old news. And maybe new offensive coordinator Marty

Mornhinweg could find a role for him.

Of course, this could all be a smokescreen. Maybe the Jets will cut him.

It's obvious that Tebow's future continues to be the focus of much

speculation. The only certain thing is that regardless of what happens,

he won't be signed by the Jaguars. General manager David Caldwell has

been emphatic that he is not in the Jaguars' plans.


> http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/513351/vito-stellino/2013-03-04/tim-tebow-still-jets-plans?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+JacksonvillecomSports+%28Jacksonville+sports+news+-+Jacksonville.com+and+The+Florida+Times-Union%29&utm_content=ESPN

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The new league year begins in five days ... and it's all quiet on the Tim Tebow front. Strange.

GM John Idzik create a mild stir Monday when, on a call with
season-ticket holders, he gave a convoluted answer on Tebow's future
with the Jets, and it came out sounding like there's a chance Tebow
could go to training camp with the team.


ny_i_tebow1_sy_300.jpgTim Tebow was used mostly as a runner in 2012, throwing just eight passes.

That won't happen. The Jets are actively shopping

Tebow, according to league sources. Failing a trade,

they will release him.

"I don't see anyone trading for Tebow," said an

opposing personnel director, speaking on the

condition of anonymity. "If the Jets get
compensation, that's impressive."

Who would sign him as a free agent ? Would

anybody sign him ? The personnel director speculated

the 49ers could be a landing spot. They
run the read-option offense with Colin Kaepernick and,

once the Alex Smith-to-Kansas City trade becomes

official March 12, the Niners will need a backup quarterback.

Could the Jets include Tebow in a Darrelle Revis
package to the Niners? Now we're really playing Fantasy Football,
although there has been a lot of that going on lately in these parts.

A small sampling of league executives offered up a few possible
destinations for Tebow: the Eagles (Chip Kelly's spread offense), the
Patriots (former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is the OC), the Bears
(past associations with Marc Trestman and Matt Cavanaugh) and the Cards
(Tebow has been working out in Arizona).

At this point, it's all speculative, but Tebow's next stop will be
one of the most intriguing offseason storylines. The Jets better hope he
doesn't land on their 2013 schedule, because games against scorned
ex-Jets usually don't work out well for them. Kerry Rhodes is still is smiling.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/21187/tims-next-stop-49ers-anyone-bueller

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New general manager John Idzik has made it clear he wants to bring in

competition for embattled starter Mark Sanchez, and now new offensive

coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has given some idea of what he wants in

a quarterback during an interview on the team’s official website, NewYorkJets.com.

And it’s not about completion percentage. "No, absolutely not," Mornhinweg said.

“Some of the great ones have really not thrown for such a great
accuracy,” Mornhinweg said. “Steve Young was astronomical accuracy-wise.
Brett Favrewasn't. Brett Favre, I believe won an MVP two different times out of
the three times that he won it, throwing for 58, 59, 60 percent,
somewhere in there. So they all come in different shapes and sizes.
“Now those guys, those men that throw for a little bit less accuracy
typically are generating a little bit bigger pays on occasion. so
there's a little bit of a tradeoff there.”

It’s good news for Sanchez, who ranked 30th in the league in

completion percentage at 54.3, down from a career-high 56.7 in 2011.
Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and Denver’s Peyton Manning, tied at 68.6,

led the league, followed by Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers (67.2).

Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco was 19th in the league for Baltimore

with a 59.7 completion percentage.The sticking point with Sanchez is

his touchdown-to-interception ratio. In 2011 he had 18 interceptions

and 26 touchdowns. In 2012, he had the same number of interceptions

but just 13 passing TDs. The Jets were not generating a lot of big

plays, however, and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano was fired after

a single season.

The interview yielded another nugget. Mornhinweg said he was
planning to use running backs as short yardage receivers when
applicable.“If our backs have that talent we certainly will do that

you may seethat a little bit more than you have in the past,”

Mornhinweg said.Mornhinweg clarified that he planned to use the strengths of the

individuals he has on the final roster.Given the offensive challenges

of last two season, why did Mornhinweg take the job?

“I love challenges and I think this is a great challenge,” Mornhinweg said


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/21222/mornhinweg-more-to-qb-than-percentage

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Despite a turnover-plagued season that resulted in his benching,

Mark Sanchez likely will head into the New York Jets' training camp

as the favorite in an anticipated quarterback competition. "Mark will

probably have just a little bit of a leg up, it wouldappear," offensive

coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said Monday in his first

Q&A with New York-area reporters.Mornhinweg, hired in January

to replace Tony Sparano, said there are"a select few" on offense

that have earned the right to be No. 1 on thedepth chart. But he

didn't include Sanchez in that group, stressingthere will be an

open competition.

The only experienced quarterbacks on the roster are Sanchez,

Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow, whose NFL future is a mystery.

Mornhinweg said he had a "long discussion" with Tebow, claiming he
has given "an awful lot of thought" on how he could incorporate Tebow
into his offense.

But don't count on a Tebow return. The Jets are prepared to part ways
with the popular backup, who was unhappy last season in his Wildcat

Tebow, speaking at a function Saturday night in Naples, Fla.,

admitted he doesn't know where he'll be playing."I may not know

where I'm going next, but I know what's guiding me," he told Naplesnews.com.

Based on Mornhinweg's comments, it sounds like the Jets don't expect
to acquire a quarterback who would pose a serious threat to Sanchez's
job. They recently visited with free agent David Garrard, who hasn't

played in two years. They may investigate Brady Quinn in free agency.

Clearly, they're counting on Mornhinweg to fix Sanchez, whose star
has faded since back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances in 2009
and 2010.

"I'm not sure that's the

term, that he needs to be fixed,"

Mornhinweg said. "Mark's got a lot of strengths. He has played at a high

But not last season.

Sanchez committed 26 turnovers for the second straight year and was
benched in Week 16 in favor of McElroy. An $8.25 million salary
guarantee in 2013 likely saved Sanchez's roster spot, limiting the Jets'

"It's been just a touch scattered," said Mornhinweg, understating
Sanchez's struggles. "He's proven he can play at a winning level, at a
high level. ... Now his challenge is, and our challenge is, playing at
that level on a much more consistent basis."

Speaking of Sanchez's attributes, Mornhinweg mentioned several
come-from-behind victories in 2010. He also said Sanchez has the arm to
make all the necessary throws. The question is accuracy.

Mornhinweg, previously the Philadelphia Eagles' coordinator, will install

a West Coast system, which is predicated on accuracy. Sanchez is a

55-percent career passer.

Mornhinweg, echoing the theme of new general manager John Idzik,
promised a quarterback competition -- even if he couldn't name the full
slate of competitors.

With regard to Tebow, Mornhinweg was careful to couch his remarks by
saying, "If he's on the team." But he spoke effusively of Tebow, who
fumed last season when he was passed over for the starting job.

"He's heard my thoughts on the situation and he had some thoughts as
well," Mornhinweg said of his recent conversation with Tebow. "If he's
on this football team, which he is right now, I would do it a certain
way and try to utilize all of our players that can help us win a
football game.

"First of all, he would need to take reps at quarterback. Some of his
other skills would certainly help a football team. What he did in
Denver in a year ago, that was something else. The man can play
football. How you utilize him would certainly be the key.

on our football team right now, so it's my duty and responsibility to
give some thought on how he could help us win the next football game."

Another pressing issue is wide receiver Santonio Holmes,
who is recovering from foot surgery. The Jets want him to take a pay
cut on his $11 million base salary, according to sources. If he refuses,
there's a chance he could be released.

Mornhinweg said he hasn't talked to Holmes.

"I would expect him to be healthy at some point before training camp," he said.


> http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/9040585/new-york-jets-oc-says-mark-sanchez-leg-qb-derby

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Quarterbacks Mark Sanchez versus David Garrard in training camp? That prospect

became a reality when the New York Jets agreed to terms with Garrard on Monday.
nyj.gifGarrard, 35, is in the twilight of his NFL career. But Garrard does have a
career's worth of experience in the West Coast offense, which New York
will run in 2013. And if last year is any indication, Garrard still has
something left to at least push Sanchez for the starting job.

Garrard spent last spring and summer with the rival Miami Dolphins.

He nearly won Miami's starting job before a freak knee injury off the

field sidelined him. Then-rookie Ryan Tannehill took over in Miami,

and the rest is history.

The Jets are hoping Garrard will provide similar competition. He was
a risky but cheap alternative. Considering New York's tight salary cap,
this was probably the best the Jets could afford with such limited
resources. The Jets already owe Sanchez a guaranteed salary of $8.25
million next season. New York can't spend significantly more on
quarterbacks this year.

Signing Garrard also rules out any chance of the Jets trading for

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Matt Flynn. New York has

its two veterans on the roster and probably will draft a developmental

quarterback next month.

Jets fans were hoping for Alex Smith, Flynn or Michael Vick
this offseason to make the Jets more competitive. Instead, they got
David Garrard. It's further proof that 2013 might be a long and rough
rebuilding year for New York.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56014/david-garrard-was-the-best-jets-could-do

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David Garrard was on a Jets conference call yesterday talking about
how excited he is that he has been promised an opportunity to unseat
Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback.


Watch your back, Sanchise, this guy is a threat.


This isn’t Tim Tebow. This isn’t a Wildcat. It is a wild card.


But it is this simple: Until the Jets find themselves a franchise
quarterback who can make Tom Brady and Bill Belichick sweat, they will
remain irrelevant Buttfumblers playing in a deserted stadium with a new
head coach and fourth offensive coordinator in four years.

It is a big reason why they should trade Darrelle Revis, so they can

add resources to find that franchise quarterback in a quarterback-driven
league, so they have the kind of salary-cap flexibility they will need
for the most important position in the field.Keeping Revis would
make coach Rex Ryan happy and give him a chance to field a top-five
defense, but after what we have seen from Sanchez these past two
seasons, and what we haven’t seen from the injury-plagued Garrard these
last two seasons, only delirious diehards who bleed Jets green would try
to make a case that this has a chance to be playoff team in 2013.


Forget Brady for a moment. Look around the AFC. The Dolphins secured their
franchise quarterback last year, and now Ryan Tannehill gets to throw
deep to Mike Wallace. The Bills, after cutting Ryan Fitzpatrick, will
now draft their franchise quarterback (Geno Smith? Matt Barkley?)
probably with the eighth pick, one slot in front of the Jets.


The Colts sucked for Andrew Luck, and suck no more. Andy Reid and the Chiefs
filled their quarterback black hole with the competent Alex Smith. The
Ravens locked up Joe Flacco. The Bengals have been to back-to-back
playoffs with Andy Dalton, although the Jets were blaring that trumpet
about the Sanchise two years ago.


The Titans don’t know yet whether they were right on Jake Locker, same

with the Jaguars on Blaine Gabbert. Same with the Browns on Brandon Weeden.

The Steelers (Big Ben Roethlisberger), Chargers (Philip Rivers) and Texans (Matt Schaub)
all have better quarterback situations than the Jets. Need I mention the
Broncos (Peyton Manning) ?


The 49ers (Colin Kaepernick, second round) and Seahawks

(Russell Wilson, third round) have reminded us that you can find your

franchise quarterback after the first round. In which case someone such

as Ryan Nassib of Syracuse, or perhaps E.J. Manuel of Florida State would

make sense for the Jets in the second round. What started the Jets down

this road to ruin was missing on Kellen Clemens. Mike Tannenbaum and

Eric Mangini smartly drafted D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold in

the first round in 2006 and passed on Vince Young,Matt Leinart and

Jay Cutler — in part because they saw Clemens as their quarterback

of the future. Ouch.


And so Chad Pennington begat Brett Favre who begat Sanchez who

begets Garrard. A healthy Garrard, with his professionalism and

leadership and mobility and familiarity with the West Coast system

and penchant for avoiding grievous interceptions and Buttfumbles,

is no long shot to beat out Sanchez.“My knee is great right now,”

Garrard said. This will mark the first time in his five years that Sanchez

had a legitimate contender for his job.“My agent always says, ‘The

cream will rise to the top,’ ” Garrard said.The good news, for those

of you who have not taken a Lambeau Leap off theSanchez bandwagon,

is that there is nowhere to go but up, that if Sanchez can survive the

Tim Tebow circus, he can survive anything, that Marty Mornhinweg

will be an upgrade over Tony Sparano.


Then again, Sanchez — or Garrard — isn’t any less set up to fail given his
supporting cast. Will tight end Dustin Keller leave? Will Brandon Moore
leave? Will Santonio Holmes act up and out? Will Stephen Hill drop the
dropsies once and for all? Who’s the running back ?“Hits I’m not worried

about,” Garrard said. “I’ve never worried about hits.”


He never has played for the Jets, who need better than the Garrard Couple.
The franchise quarterback trumps the franchise cornerback.


> http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/trading_darrelle_would_help_jets_jg5KGTwqM7OhjFFzcMUqaI?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=Jets

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The thin free-agent quarterback market just gained a new player. The Kansas City Chiefs released quarterback Matt Cassel on Thursday after four up-and-down seasons.Cassel made his name with the New England Patriots before leaving for Kansas City in 2009. Could Cassel rejoin the AFC East ?


~ ~ The Jets just signed veteran quarterback David Garrard to compete with Mark Sanchez.Going after another veteran quarterback, especially with very littlecap room, might be overkill for a team that must fill so many other needs. I do not expect the Jets to go after Cassel. But if Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb soon becomes available, which is a strong possibility, New York might consider it. New Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg coached Kolb in Philadelphia and will run a similar West Coast system.


rest of above article :

> http://espn.go.com/blog/afceast/post/_/id/56241/could-qb-matt-cassel-return-to-afc-east

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If QB Kevin Kolb is released by the Cardinals over the next 48 hours,

which is highly likely, the Jets will consider him if the price is right, according

to a league source.New Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg coached

Kolb with the Eagles from 2007 to 2010, and the Jets would like to have a
quarterback on the roster that knows Mornhinweg's system and could make
an easy transition.Kolb, traded to the Cards in 2011, will receive a $2 million

roster bonus if he's still on their roster Saturday -- and that won't happen
unless he's willing to take a pay cut. He also has a $9 million base salary.

The Cards, rebuilding at quarterback, signed journeyman Drew Stanton

Wednesday and gave him $3 million in guarantees.

The level of the Jets' interest in Kolb will be dictated by money.
As seen over the last two days, they're not willing to spend a lot in
their rebuilding effort under new GM John Idzik. They already have an
$8.25 million guarantee committed to incumbent Mark Sanchez, and

they'd prefer not to add another significant contract at the position.

They signed free agent David Garrard to a one-year deal, but it was

only $1.1 million, including a $100,000 signing bonus.The Jets plan

to have an open competition for the starting job. Right now, the depth

chart consists of Sanchez, Garrard, Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow,

whose days are numbered.

Kolb has a 9-12 career record as a starter, with 28 touchdowns,

25 interceptions and a 78.9 passer rating.


> http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/21482/a-jets-kolb-marriage-pay-attention

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Jets may be adding another player to the quarterback mix.

The Daily News reported on Wednesday that Kevin Kolb could land on
Rex Ryan’s team if he becomes available on the open market. On Thursday
morning, Kolb’s future in Arizona became clearer after a NFL Network
report suggested that the Cardinals are expected to release the
quarterback before he’s due a $5 million roster bonus on Saturday.

New offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg worked with Kolb for three
seasons with the Eagles. Sources told the News that Kolb’s familiarity
with Mornhinweg’s West Coast Offense would make him a viable contender
to become the Jets’ starting quarterback. The Jets are interested in
adding Kolb at the right price, according to sources.

On Monday, Mornhinweg said that Sanchez had an edge over the rest of
the Jets’ quarterbacks. Hours later, Gang Green signed veteran David
Garrard to a one-year deal. Tim Tebow, who is expected to be released,
Greg McElory and Matt Simms are also on the roster.“Mark will probably

have just a little bit of a leg up it wouldappear,” Mornhinweg said Monday.

“But I would like to have competitionat that position as well as all the other


However, Kolb may ultimately win the job and be the Week 1 starter.

The Cardinals traded for Kolb two years ago with the expectation that
he’d become their franchise quarterback, but injuries – and a horrific
offensive line – curtailed his production. Kolb, who has a career 9-12
record as a starter and 78.9 passer rating, had 17 touchdowns and 11
interceptions in just 15 games the past two seasons.He became

expendable after the Cardinals signed Drew Stanton, who played for

the Jets for a week a year ago before being traded after Tim Tebow

was acquired. Arizona may also be looking to add a quarterback
with the seventh overall pick in next month's draft.


> http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/2013/03/sources-jets-interested-in-adding-kevin-kolb-to-quarterback-mix-when-hes-released-by-ca

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Unable to reach an agreement on a restructured contract, the Arizona Cardinals

have released quarterback Kevin Kolb.Kolb was set to make a $2 million bonus

if he was still on the club's roster Saturday. He also had a $9 million base salary

for this season.Kolb's future in Arizona became even cloudier Wednesday when

the team agreed to a three-year contract with quarterback Drew Stanton.

Thanks to injuries and his unsteady play, Kolb appeared in just six

games with the Cardinals last season, throwing for 1,169 yards with
eight touchdowns and three interceptions.Kolb, 28, threw for 17 touchdowns

and 11 interceptions in two seasons with Arizona after being acquired from

the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a 2007 second-round pick of the Eagles.

Star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, in an interview with ESPN Radio's

"SVP and Russillo" show Thursday, said he has confidence that new

coach Bruce Arians would improve the team's quarterback situation.

The Cardinals, whose offense ranked dead last in the NFL last season,

also have tendered an offer to quarterback Brian Hoyer.


> http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/9055995/kevin-kolb-released-arizona-cardinals

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