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Francessa Hair Lick

Lizard King

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“I’m still gonna be here tomorrow, the next day, the next day, and get paid a fortune to sit here and do this. So, just remember that.”


I really don't care about his hair, but when someone puts on a show allegedly devoted to the public getting a chance to have their say, and he says something like that to try to intimidate the people who call in, you just have to wish he ends up getting busted for coke and hookers or something.


Florio did the same thing.  When he got into a Twitter argument with the guy who plays the mascot for Jacksonville, Florio started giving out his website's traffic numbers to try to intimidate him-which didn't work.  These sports media people try to pretend they like to deal with the average fan, but they get sneaky and nasty if someone challenges them.

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