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Cromartie: Jets better than Dolphins


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 His "Legacy":

1. Good to great defense

2. Awful offense, epically bad

3. Oversaw 2 of the worst Starting QB's in NFL history

4. 3 OC's in five years

5. 41-38, mediocre

6. Drafted 0 starting pro-bowlers

7. Drafted defense (especially, D-Lineman)

8. Had no Discipline

9. Had no clock management, and knew nothing about using timeouts

10. His challenges were awful

Wow, what a resume? any takers?




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Mangini and Herm combines winning percentage: .484

Rex winning percentage: .519


He really elevated the franchise. Thank you, Rex, for .035 percentage points. Twas like the Golden Era.



Yes, those playoff runs were awful for us, T0m.


If Rex stays, fine. If he doesn't fine. But can some of the people here be realistic instead of hysterical children?

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If you have eight of them, you're good and toasty.


If you have eight of them, you're a poor college student.


And let's not pretend you're not a Corona man, homo.


I'm more of the IPA or GFY mindset, but if it helps with your crush on me to imagine me as Pac drinking Pac beer... have at it.

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