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If You Are Pro Herm


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Great Question.

I was also wonder if you were anti herm do you need to be pro or anti his replacement?

Exactly. How does this friggin work? If you blasted Herm for years for his clock mishaps and then they hire an experienced coordinator like Dinger, do you have to be automatically happy?

(Extra points for my run on sentence).

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This may shock a lot of people but the right idea is really to be pro JETS.

I know that comes a surprise to a few people here, as much as they have acted recently.

thats right, if u loved herm, thats cool cause as a jet fan u did cause u thought that was best,,,just as a herm hater had same logic,,,

now with new coach we will unite until the 'Turd Part Dueux' lets us down :lol::lol:

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and he leaves, do you have to be anti his replacement? Just curious how this works.


First of all, I am a Jets fan. Actually, that is first, second and third.

If Herm leaves, which it looks like he will, I think it will be a lose for the team. Depending on how he leaves I will wish him the best.

Whomever the next HC is, I am sure there will be about 1,000,000,000 posts comparing Herm to them but in the end, if the next HC can get it done, I will be happy.


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actually, yeah...its the law max, and who are you to violate it?

Hey D.R. I was just looking for clarification. Thanks, now that I know the law I will follow it.

I liked Herm so I have to root against the new coach. Cool. Bring in Mike Tice!!!

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