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Austin Pettis


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According to Fox’s Mike Garafolo, Pettis was tardy to a Saturday night team meeting. The next day, Pettis was a healthy scratch for the Rams’ upset of Seattle.

The day after that, he was on waivers.


Garafolo, it should be noted, also opined that Pettis’ tardiness was certainly a contributing factor in his departure, though he didn’t believe it was the only one.


Apparently he's already developing some chemistry with Geno.

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I don't follow the Rams that closely but when i have i have seen him occasionally line up at slot. I also think he can be a half way decent end zone target. Not a speed guy. So will not stretch the field vertically.


Is he an upgrade over Haakim and gang. Yes. But not by a huge margin. Some could ask why not Nelson than ? Atleast he knows the system. And those people would probably have a legit question.

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