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Broncos fan at school: story inside


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Teacher's true colors definitely not orange, blue

By Julianne Bentley

Denver Post Staff Writer

Joshua Vannoy, 17, says he was humiliated in class. (Courtesy of Vannoy family)

Embracing diversity and practicing tolerance had been mainstays of Joshua Vannoy's Pittsburgh-area high school ethnicity class - until the student wore his Denver Broncos jersey to school.

A die-hard Steelers fan and teacher at Beaver Falls High School made Vannoy, 17, take a midterm test on the floor because he was sporting a John Elway No. 7 jersey. The honors ethnic relations teacher had Vannoy sit in a circle of desks, then instructed his classmates to throw paper at him.

The treatment wasn't part of any classroom lesson, his teacher says. He had warned students before not to wear another team's jersey in his classroom.

"I was humiliated and shaking. I couldn't finish my test," said Vannoy, a Broncos fan even though he's a native of Pittsburgh Steelers country.

Teacher John Kelly thought he was "just messing around" with Vannoy, telling him he couldn't sit at any desk in his class Friday.

Vannoy said Kelly grabbed him by the neck of his jersey when he tried to sit in his chair and told him he would give him a zero on the exam if he didn't sit on the floor. Kelly told the 12 other students that part of their midterm was that they had to throw paper at "the stinking Denver fan" - or lose points, he added.

"Some threw the paper at me, some threw it at the ground," Vannoy said.

Kelly said he didn't threaten Vannoy's grade or grab his shirt. He said that he told students to do those things but that nobody took it seriously.

"When you are joking and everyone's laughing, it's obvious," Kelly said.

And it's not the first time Kelly has employed the tactic. "I did the same thing last week with one of my ninth-graders who wore Peyton Manning," Kelly said of the Indianapolis Colts quarterback.

Principal Thomas Karczewski said a concerned Vannoy later came to his office. Although Vannoy is probably "the only Denver fan in the entire school," Karczewski said he was sure Kelly had no intent to harm him and that it was a joke that went too far. He plans to talk to the teacher Monday, Karczewski said.

"If he felt uncomfortable, then that's a lesson; that's what (the class) is designed to do," Kelly said. "It was silly fun. I can't believe he was upset."

Vannoy's mother, Virginia, is worried her son will get a lower grade in the class. She wants him to be able to retake the exam.


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If anyone shows up with a Seahawks jersey next week, the teacher will make the other kids subject him to a bukkake session.


I got your PM. I will try my best to answer all your questions.

Yes I have a Steve Largent jersey from back in the day.

Yes you can borrow it.

No I don't have any coupons for Dry Cleaning.

I have no idea what the fastest way to get to Pittsburgh is.

Why do you ask?

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Did you get my PM? I have to ask you a question.

I have an XXXL Steve Largent jersey from back in the day.

Do you think I can pass for a 17 year old?

Why waste all that time and expense going to Pittsburgh? You still have TomShane's number don't you?

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Every team has a$$hole fans.I know a couple a$$hole Jets fans :lol: you can't say " all steeler fans"

We had a Jets fan STAB ANOTHER JETS FAN in thr bathroom at A HOME GAME!!

Case closed.

a$$holes ARE EVRYWHERE!!!!

Jetnation.com = home of a$$hole fans 8)

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i wonder what the trutgh is in all that maybe the teacher was really just playing around nicely and the kid has a lawyer uncle r something

me thinks the other way around. teacher was serious and got called on it and is doing damage control now.

Hey , whats wrong with lawyers? :cry:

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You know I had a similar incident a while back in my school life.

Back in 2000 when I was in 7th grade because I graduated MS in June 02 and HS this year in June 06...I was wearing my Wayne Chrebet jersey. My teacher is a Giants fan and thought it would be funny to continually rag on the Jets. So finally he started in the middle of the class starting a "Jets Suck" chant over and over...soon everyone in the class started saying it since I was the only Jets fan in the class. It got pretty loud and I was really pissed off that I remember I told him to go **** himself and went to the principal's office. The principal took me out of the class and I didn't get in trouble because of his bullsh*t.

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