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Aaron Rodgers to the Jets?

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On 1/26/2021 at 11:23 AM, Dcat said:

I think we would have went deep into playoffs that year were it not for Favre's injury. 

When are Jets fans going to realize three things:

1) Favre played Johnson and used the Jets to get to the Vikings to get back at the Packers. He never wanted to be here and showed that he did not care how he or the team played when he was here.  That was evident when you hear his pregame "pep" talk before the last game vs the Fins for the division title when he said something like "whatever happens happens."  He may as well have said "see you all when I'm in purple and gold next season."  Then he was significantly outplayed by the QB he replaced.

2) His only concern in 2008 was keeping his precious consecutive game streak alive, so he torpedoed the season by continuing to play

3) He did not play well when he was healthy. He had one huge game vs Arizona that padded his stats and good games vs Tennessee and NE, but pretty much was mediocre or worse in every other game.  He didn't care. See #1 above.

It was a horrible signing by the Jets, but given Favre's tendency to be a self absorbed jerk this was all quite predictable. 

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21 minutes ago, BROOKLYN JET said:

Maybe he really likes green. Did you ever think of that?

possible but, he's..


...NOT gettin'  out of green bay   😎

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2 hours ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

Favre was washed up ; Woody just wanted a new , shiny object .

A washed up Favre not knowing the plays was still better than our trash qbs

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