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Anthony Becht to Coach XFL Team

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25 minutes ago, Ruby2 said:

There is no appetite for football in the spring, but guess they have to learn for the millionth time.

Covid killed the last round. I thought the AAFL was actually a pretty good league with a good broadcast. 

If it were me I'd try to make a new league more like football before all the protecting the QB and WR's garbage. Let them hit and have a jacked up segment and all that stuff. Allow defenders to crush a WR coming over the middle trying to make a catch - make it tough so the next Ronnie Lott or Wayne Chrebet can make their mark. We're a violent culture, give us what we crave. Seems like an opportunity to lure in the core football junkie crowd. Add in some "behind the scenes" looks into delayed in game play calling direct from the coaches heat sets and stuff if you want to add something fresh and new. Everyone wants to just try to mimic the NFL on a PBS budget and they can't do it.

I get the NFL wants to continue expanding by catering to the casual fan and the fantasy sports guys but I feel like the football purists have been neglected and they've left a window of opportunity for someone to go after those fans.


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