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A little comparison for your entertainment.


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4 hours ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Listen I have questions about Saleh but just doing a straight comparison with numbers is dumb. 

Also I think they hired Saleh more for his leadership and ability to be an overall HC and not because he was a top coordinator. 

This. He was hired to lead.

Rookie Head coach + rookie O coordinator + rookie D coordinator = growing pains.

expecting anything else after only one season plus 3 games ( with Flacco as QB may I add) is unrealistic.

I’m impatient too ( I’ve been rooting for this team for 40 + years) but we need to stay patient.

Now, will the coaches  improve? Will this newly-drafted talent be the real deal?
Let’s hope so. 

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7 hours ago, Alka said:

Rex Ryan-  History of his defensive Rankings in his 12 seasons in the NFL

His defenses have finished in the top 10 in yards allowed 9 times in 12 seasons.

They've finished in the top 10 in rushing yards allowed 8 times, and in the top 10 in passing yards allowed 8 times, as well.

His defenses have finished in the top 10 in points allowed 5 times.

Robert Saleh- History of his defensive rankings last season and so far this season.

His defense ranked dead last #32 last year in total defense in 2021.

But let's look further, shall we?

Total defense of 49ers under Robert Sales:

2017- #25 in total defense.

2018- #28 in total defense

2019- #8 in total defense

2020- #17 in total defense.

After defensive Coordinator Demo Ryans took over last season, he got the 49ers to #9 in total defense, up from #17 the year before under Saleh.

So far, the Jets rank #25 overall in defense in 2022.

When you start looking at the numbers, if you're scratching your head as to what prompted Joe Douglas and Woody Johnson to hire Robert Saleh in the first place, you are not alone.  I'm right there with you.


Great post....   Bring in Sean Payton.  Have him be HC and GM

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18 hours ago, doitny said:

by the numbers i think Rex was better than Bowles. Rex coached 12 years and Bowles is in year 12 now. not counting this this the numbers go like this.

Rex had two #1 defense in Pts and Yards ( 2006, 2009 ). Bowles best was 4th in Yards (2015) and 5th in points TB (2021)

Bowles had one more top 10 defense in Pts than Rex (6-5)

but Rex killed him in top 10 in Yards (9-3) 

for all the crap Rex gets here he had a top 10 defense in yard in EVERY YEAR as a Jet but 2013 in which it was ranked 11th. he missed it by one.

even if you just count their DC years Rex was much better .


okay.  i was just throwing that out there since bowles was pretty successful with the cards.  but i think people tend to focus too much on yards.  last time i looked there isn't a category for yards on the scoreboard.

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