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On 12/4/2022 at 2:15 PM, Irish Jet said:

Who said he was our future? He’s not even under contract lol.

I guess that was a more rhetorical statement. I realize it sounded aimed at a particular person - That wasn't the case. The overall sentiment I was hearing after the Bears game was along the lines of, "Jets finally have their guy", especially on radio and podcast. I don't envy JD's position this off season one bit. There is no scenario outside of White playing at Zach Wilson levels where this isn't going to be an extremely difficult position to be in. I think a lot of people were very quick to jump on the "we have our guy!" Bandwagon after the Bengals game last year and I'm, personally, trying hard to avoid doing that this year. 

And, to be completely fair, it looks like I might have been quick to jump to the "pump the breaks on the MW excitment" after a lackluster 1st half last week. The emotions of being a fan of a team like The Jets most definitely sucks sometimes, lol. 

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