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Kerry Wood vs Mark Prior

who will spend more time injured in the 2005 season?  

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  1. 1. who will spend more time injured in the 2005 season?

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These two could learn a thing or two from the Yankees.

If you take steroids, you'll heal up quicker.

johnson = not on steroids

mussina = not on steroids

pavano = not on steroids

wright = not on steroids

brown = starting the season on the DL list

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This is a real good question actually. I voted for Prior.

It is a shame though because both of these guys have Hall Of Fame stuff.

I think even if both guys don't pitch 1 game this yr(not possible) they both will still have huge careers.

Dusty Baker should be taken out back and beat'n with a 2x4 for allowing these kids to throw so many innings each night.

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Just read that Prior will prob go on DL.

Cubbie opener in 2 hours!!!!

2:10 PM

There's a bar stool waiting with my name on it.


The Cubs placed him on the DL yesterday.

To my surprise, they didn't do the same to Wood. Guess we'll have to wait a couple weeks before they realize his injury is worse than originally thought.

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