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Week 12 Shower Rankings


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Every Tuesday morning, I wake up an hour early so that I can sit on the floor of my shower and meditate on the current state of the NFL until the water runs cold. This morning, through the power of prayer, the following rankings were revealed to me:

1. Indianapolis Colts (10-1): A workmanlike dismantling of Philadelphia was exactly how the Colts were expected to rebound from their first loss of the season, and they did not disappoint. The main storyline from this game was the coming out party of Joseph Addai, which was considered to be quite rude because November 26 had already been reserved for the coming out party of Elijah Wood. While the addition of a formidable running game would certainly make the Colts appear even tougher, they cannot be considered unbeatable until they prove that they can stop the run. Their defense continues to get gashed by running backs, which reminds me: Kudos to Judith Regan and Rupert Murdoch for their decision to cancel the O.J. Simpson book and television special. However, the shower predicts that Judith, Rupert, and O.J. will meet again; on the business end of Satan

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