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NY Baseball Update: Mets still better than Yanks


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Pedro>Randy Johnson

Heilman>Jaret Wright









Them's the facts, jacks! Burn in hell Yanks fans!

okay now let's do this the right way.

Pedro > Johnson : Today yes,

Heilman > Wright : Well considering that Wright out yes

Galvine > Pavano : In what world

Benson > Mussina: Well considering the fact that Benson has yet to pitch this year I'm gonna take it that you think his wife is hotter.


Wright > A-ROD : I hate A-Rod so you can have that one.

Since Floyd is in left put him up against Matsui.

Matsui >>>>> Floyd

Beltran >>>>>>>>> Bernie

Sheffield > ? Cameron, Woodward.

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Why are they sending Diaz down? This is the kind of stuff that loses games. Teams know they're dealing Cameron; just get it done, because no team is going to give them anything worthwhile with his salary. Tell Cameron they'll trade him, but that Diaz is their RF from now on. And if he doesn't like it, keep his mouth shut unless he wants to call the Tropicana Dome home.

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I can't believe that the Mets are doing this good and that they are playing better than the Yankees.

I remember years past where the Mets got big named players during the offseason and the years with those players turned out to be a bust. I was expecting the same thing this time around. I'll admit it that I was skeptical during spring training, but the New Mets are for real. =D>=D>

Tonight - Pedro 2-0 vs. Smoltz 0-3. :mrgreen::lol::lol:

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