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Are you ready? Edition of Post of the Week - August 9th, 2007


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So here we are at the first preseason game, the annual indication that Labor Day and then football is right around the corner. Even though it's like 752 degrees in North Carolina today, football is in the air and this legume is getting downright excited about it. Nothing beats the fall - the pennant races, the start of football, the nice weather. It's the best time of the year. Anyhow, here's the best from this week here at JN - hope you enjoy!

This week's nominations were:


Topic: Moss Injures his hammy

Originally Posted by Jetman67


Patriots Football Weekly, the official newspaper of the (duh) New England Patriots reports that receiver Randy Moss injured his left hamstring while attempt to run down an overthrown flea-flicker pass at practice on Wednesday

It gets Even Better, Its Bradys Fault according to Moss and the boston Globe.


Originally Posted by Garb

Oh No! There goes the season! They are doomed. DOOOOMED I tell yah.

At least Brady can overthrow, btw.

I saw a few Jest games last year. Three, I think. I kept thinking - Penny is going to get one of his receivers killed someday if he keeps throwing like that. I started feeling bad for Coles, who I think is a fantastic receiver. I'm not kidding.

(Editor's Note: There is nothing better than an honest woman...and Garb is great, too. ;))


Topic: Lady Luck Already Shining on the Patsies??

Originally Posted by shasta

Jet fans on the other hand prepare for the best and totally ignore the worst. That's why when the season rolls around and their team actually takes the field, they are almost always disapointed. The Jets will be lucky to win 8 games this year, most likely 1-4 after week 4.

Originally Posted by Lil Bit Special


Sorry, except for a few homers we wont name here, MOST Jets fans have pie in the sky hopes the team will do well, but the first stumble everyone falls off the bandwagon...

Jet fans are most happy when the team sucks.

Pats fans know their team will do well and when they struggle they excuse it away instead of seeing the real reasons why they falter. Kinda like Yankee fans.

(Editor's Note: Jets fans one of the most pessimistic groups of people in the world - they never expect much, but hope is always there. Mets fans are just jealous of the varsity team in the Bronx.)


Originally Posted by chadharmamoon

i wanna give garb and all patsy trolls a reacharound

Originally Posted by Bob

You know Garb's a woman, right? I mean, that doesn't eliminate the reacharound, but you'd be grabbing for something different than you're used to.

(Editor's Note: "...but you'd be grabbing for something different than you're used to." Holy smokes, Bob-O, you pullin' ANY punches here at all?)


Originally Posted by GreenBeans

Topic: Nimoy to Reprise Spock Role in Trek Film

Originally Posted by Green DNA

Does the Starship Enterprise have an assisted living community?

(Editor's Note: They send you to Genesis and Phil Collins sings for you whenever you want with Chaka "Khan".)

(Editor's Note: Thanks for the nomination, SoFla! How are you liking the new avatar?)


Originally Posted by Kidhuman

Why is the word foot autocensored?

Originally Posted by MrsTaborJet

All parts of the body are auto-censored for joebaby since he can find something sexual to do with all of them.

(Editor's Note: Joe is a multifaceted, multifunctional, and very creative young man...)


Originally Posted by Jet/BosoxFan

I chose not to participate in that discussion any longer as I have NO USE for hack jokes.

Originally Posted by Smizzy

No use for hack jokes? You ARE a Hack joke. Your user name is a hack joke. Every single piece of your outdated material is a hack joke!!

If you looked up "Hack Joke" in the Dictionary you would see your picture.

(Editor's Note: "How did the Polish guy break his leg while raking leaves??? He fell out of the tree. HEYYOOOO!")


Originally Posted by Smizzy

Women...Never satisfied!

Originally Posted by joebabyny

Maybe that is just your experience with women, lol.

Originally Posted by Smizzy

Marry one.

(Editor's Note: True dat - 10/4 - over and out - roger....and Smizzy is right, too.)


Originally Posted by TaborJet


JBF isn't going anywhere soon. He has toned down his personal attacks. He attacks the Yankees. Big deal. He is entitlted to that.

But to start a reply with Homo or other names is just a personal attack itself. JBF baits you guys, and you fall for it time and again. If I were JBF, I would be laughing my ass off.

Attack the teams, not the posters. Have some thick skin when it comes to reading posts on here.

Originally Posted by Bob

I'll never get why the mods protect this guy. He admits his only purpose here is to annoy other posters, he has repeatedly threatened me with violence (though never been man enough to try) and has an old picture of me in his profile just to be a dick.

And yet, we get "JBF isn't going anywhere soon." Why should anybody bother being a good board citizen if the mods are going to protect ******* flamers?

(The Nomination: "POTW NOM. It's total bull****. PatsfanTX was annoying but he never attacked anyone. This guy strokes off to making personal attacks and the mods repeatedly look the other way. Either reinstate TX or ban JBF. This is kinda hypocritical." - 80)

(PLEASE NOTE - This post got THREE POTW NOM's!!!)

(Editor's Note: When Bob speaks, people listen..RIP JBF)


Originally Posted by GreenBeans

He's a good looking little fella, SoFla! Did he inherit your musical abilities? You may as well get the kid a cell phone at age 5 if that's the case, there will be no chance that the girls won't be calling.

Didn't you know - I'm SoFla's long lost son!

Originally Posted by SoFlaJets

hey GB you weren't conceived in Kansas City were you by any chance? Because there's prolly a woman in that town who's been scratching her head for 30 years now-don't ask....they were wild times

Originally Posted by GreenBeans

Not me, then, afterall. And here I thought I found my long lost daddy.

I'm Bronx, NY circa 1969.

Originally Posted by SoFlaJets

schwew!!! I WAS in Da Bronx in 69 but all I cared about then was the Yankees and getting to and from the stadium without getting killed

Originally Posted by GreenBeans

Sounds like me in '89.

(The Nomination: "potw nom (can you give the award to yourself GB??? Better consult the POTW Bot)" - Lil Bit Special)

(Editor's Note: Thanks for the nomination, my friend - I got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime - eh, ohh, bought it used actually and played punk rock - badly. :D)


Topic: NFL.com NUGENT Fantasy File

Originally Posted by Smizzy

I call shenanigans!

You know these videos aren't real right?

Originally Posted by McGraw38

I agree, I saw one for Tom Brady where he's talking about his hetrosexuality

I call bull**** on this whole deal.

(Editor's Note: Was Tommy talking about how he used that turkey baster to get those girls pregnant again. Silly Tommy...)


Topic: Marko still with team, puny people.

Originally Posted by Marko Cavka

Whole board think Marko get cut. Coach Eric like Marko. Coach Eric make Marko blueberry pie. It good.

Marko will crush competition.

Originally Posted by shawn306

Marko will eat Richard Seymour, kick Vince Wolfok in nuts, slap around Ty Warren and sleep with Tedy Bruschi's wife and tell him "What are you going to do about it ?

(Editor's Note: Hi Marko, good to see you've survived all of those Limo rides and pie eating!)


Originally Posted by BigOrangeJetFan

Why should I be so pumped over this season, when Tannenbaum is playing hardball over the #1 pick and has 2 disgruntled offensive linemen in camp. Starter or not, Kendall is valuable insurance. We are under the cap, after all.

What is going on?

Originally Posted by DefenseWinsChampionships

Believe me you, unless the Jets FO lets up a little...

Originally Posted by jetophile

Wait...what? Believe you me, my head hurts. I would give credence, but then someone else would say revival, whence upon I would have to shoot myself.

(Editor's Note: Believe you me, I'm confused about this whole conversation...)


Originally Posted by TaborJet

Back to topic. Congrats, Bill Parcells, on becoming the newest mod. Funny how soon Max made you a mod after making Thor a mod. I compare it to the Jets drafting of Schlegel, and then realizing what they got, and then drafting Harris.

(Editor's Note: Thor = Schlegalsaurus.jpghttp://www.jetnation.com/JetsWiki/index.php/Schlegel%2C_Anthony)


Originally Posted by Arsis


Originally Posted by rick34125

Tom Brady Jr. saved from the clutches of Bill Belichick, ex-NFL head coach.

(Editor's Note: Damn, that's cold dude.)


Topic: Thank You Bill Parcells

Originally Posted by Max

(the poster) -- for agreeing to become a JetNation Moderator. The post counts here are growing and we felt that we needed a little help. Based on what we know about Bill Parcells the poster that is exactly what he will do, help a little.

We appreciate it though.

I have known you and Monica for awhile now. And let me say Congratulations on your engagement. You guys are truly better together than you are apart. Nice people, the both of you. Hopefully she signs up and starts posting soon.

Originally Posted by brettw4rd

BP did you hold out for the 5 year deal or did Max lock you up for 6?

(Editor's Note: As per JN policy, Bill is unable to discuss contracts with you...)


Originally Posted by rick34125


(Editor's Note: "If there's a cloud above, If it should rain we'll let it, But for tonight, forget it! I'm In The Mood For Love.")


Originally Posted by AWESOM-O 4000





Originally Posted by Panzer Division Marduk

Bring back the POTW bot. All is forgiven.

(Editor's Note: I just got word from the POTW-Bot that Panzer is going to win POTW the next time it tackles POTW.)


Topic: Depth on O-Line

Originally Posted by Gainzo

How can you be worried when Marco Cavka is on the roster!

Originally Posted by DMaynard

I'd feel more confident with Marco Polo. At least we would have plenty of silk.

(Editor's Note: And don't forget, a great summer-time pool game as well!)

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Topic: Yankee Thread: MERGED

Originally Posted by Jetcane


(Editor's Note: I just hope the Mets can hold up their end of the bargain...)


Originally Posted by JerryK

Hi Bill Parcells,

Can we assume you're a breast man?


Originally Posted by Bill Parcells

Bill Parcells is an ass man.

(Editor's Note: So THAT's why you are the new JN mod - now I get it...or maybe you get it....)


Runner-up of the Week Sponsored by TunaCan studios (get it "Tuna" "can"....meh)

Originally Posted by Bill Parcells

Bill Parcells is an ass man.

Originally Posted by joewilly

hey beans, this request should be pulled due to a grammatical error. there's a comma missing between the words a$$ & man

(Editor's Note: Grammar jokes from a man who does not capitalize his sentences - simply genius!)


Topic: Thanks for nothing Revis

Originally Posted by Bob

Ecurb is officially crazy. Revis, not allowing himself to get screwed by the Jets makes you question his intelligence?

Originally Posted by Smizzy

I think Ecrub is bleeding Jets green today.....it's a slow leak from his vagina.


(Editor's Note: Was he playing with the - ahem - rockets again?)


Topic: Chiefs depth chart

Originally Posted by Bill Parcells


Originally Posted by raffyD

"This depth chart looks good. We don't need a qb, the center can just snap the ball to our rb. Who is our rb? Don't matter. We won't throw the ball this year anyway so tell Brodie to go and kick it by the grill for now.

Hey Lia, make sure you have the ribs on low heat cause if you burn them then they can't be eaten, and you know what they say about ribs you can't eat: they ain't ribs, kind of like not sweeping all the corners, that's burned ribs are like."

(Editor's Note: And after all, "Any drive that ends in a kick is a good thing.” - and I didn't even have to make that one up. ;))


Originally Posted by ecurb2369

I just recently had a post count of 6,666 as well... :character42:

Originally Posted by PFSIKH

Seeing you are pushing 11K, when was 6666? Two weeks ago?

(Editor's Note: Silly SIKH, that was Sunday.)


Topic: So I spent a good part of the day at JI...

Originally Posted by SoFlaJets

talking Jets football with some of the old crew-SlikmoJets showed up,Jetswin Buzzsaw Kentucky, and I gotta tell ya it's frigging exhausting. Every single thread is a battle zone with The Pats fans contingent there. You can NOT say one positive thing about the Jets or post one single article there without it turning into a fight with Patriots fans.

Nothing against anybody there running the site or moderating but damn someone has gotta tell soothsayer that Jets message boards actually CAN function without the like of them -it has gotten so old-I mean take a look-every thread is a disaster that gets hijacked-every single one-I ain't mentioning any names but you guys already KNOW which ones I'm talking about.

Originally Posted by TaborJet

You spent the day WHERE?!?!?!


(Editor's Note: SoFla, you should have used the search feature over there to find some non-trolled threads - ohh, wait...never mind.)


Topic: 756*

Originally Posted by The Troll

I love the mock outrage over this. They should definitely put an asterick in the record books with Bonds' name. Two spaces above the asterick with Babe Ruth's name that says he played against only white players.

Why are people so outraged over Bonds, yet they never mention Luis Gonzalez or Pudge Rodriguez, a pair of obvious steroid users WHO LED THEIR TEAMS TO CHAMPIONSHIPS? What is worse: a tainted record or a tainted championship? I guess it's the former, and by a ridiculously wide margin.

I was in my room, watching the game, and after he hit the home run, I sat on my bed and clapped. Bravo, Barry.

Originally Posted by Scott Dierking

Maybe some people choose not to like Barry because of the way he treats people and treats teammmates. Maybe they don't like him because of his indignite posture when suggestions are made of his wrong doing.

Maybe some people don't like how steroids have cast a shadow over all players and suspicion of any new streak or number.

Maybe some people yearn for sports when you worried about whether the baseball was juiced, and not the players. Or when opposite field homeruns by shortstops occurred once every five years, rather than once every five innings.

Maybe Bonds just represents everything that is wrong in a sport and becomes the poster boy for feeling duped.

I am not sure if that is "mock outrage" because I don't have the ability to gauge every fans individual temperament. I can just speak for myself and tell you I wish the man had not broken the record in the manner that he had to and cast a pall over the game and a cherished record.

As far as Babe Ruth, the man outhomered entire teams by himself, so I feel comfortable in saying that his measure was one of the all time greats, regardless of who was pitching.

I won't begrudge you your want to cheer the record. Please don't begrudge my want to not recognize it with gusto.

(Editor's Note: Two great posts from two great posters. I must admit, though, I'm now an A-Rod fan and hoping he can surpass Bonds in about 7 years or so.)


Originally Posted by anskyruben

So, my buddies a Chiefs fan....

One of my good friends is a chiefs fan. All I hear is how great good ole Herm is , and how he is going to take them to the promised land. I know you guys must have some funny Herm pics.....I'd like to see them and forward some to him. Thanks in advance !!

Originally Posted by Sperm Edwards

Take the high road in discussing Herm. I always do.

(Editor's Note: If you did that you'd already be in Scotland - are you in Scotland? Go chase a chicken...)


Topic: Caption time!

Originally Posted by ecurb2369


Originally Posted by joewilly

keep rubbin man, yeah I swear it'll get about this big

(Editor's Note: These pro types are always exaggerating....)


Topic: Tom Rock...Mike Nugent

Originally Posted by flgreen

Mike Nugent kicks the bucket

By Tom Rock

It was so muggy today that I was able to take a handful of the air home with me as a souvenir from Jets Camp. It was humid, sticky, muddy and hot. Mangini loved it.

Not sure how many of you have seen this ad with Mike Nugent (it was linked on Glauber’s blog, so I’m guessing not many of you). I spoke with Mike about it today and he said while he’d never attempted to do this trick before. He practiced it a few times before the film crew showed up, they spent about two hours filming the segment, trying various patterns of knocking off the buckets, and getting things just right. And yes, to paraphrase Neil Best’s assessment of the Tom Glavine ratings which was itself a paraphrase of (ahem) something else from a “Seinfeld” episode: it was real, and it is pretty spectacular.

You’ve already read here that S Eric Smith was injured in practice this morning and CB Justin Miller sat out with his hammy again. Joe Kowalewski, who a week ago was the poster boy for the Mangini meritocracy of hard work and perseverance, sat out again and his hopes of making the roster are dwindling. Michael Haynes used his Jet Out Of Gail Free card today and missed practice thanks to some offseason award.

If you thought the Jets looked thin in the secondary on paper, you should have seen Justin McCareins absolutely torch Alphonso Hodge in a one-on-one goal line drill. It was quite the mis-match. But David Barrett, who is emerging as the Jets’ top coverage cornerback (or at least the top healthy coverage CB in camp, if that’s enough of a disclaimer), made a nice play on a pass to McCareins, getting his hands on a ball that Justin appeared to have in his grip and forcing it out.

Oh, this evening's practice was pushed back to 6:30 p.m.

Originally Posted by joewilly

and somewhere in nyc, under the practice beerpong table in the garage, a monkey is being spanked

(Editor's Note: spank.jpg - check out the game, too -> http://www.rpatrick.com/more/spankmonkey/)


Topic: E. Smith injured today

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

He was getting some as a rookie and was sure to see some this year... you couldn't be more wrong....

Originally Posted by Bill Parcells

Agreed, it sucks that he got hurt. he was having a great camp.

Originally Posted by joewilly

man that brings back some fond memories bill. I had a great camp one summer as a boyscout. camp russell. we discovered there was a girlscout camp nearby. it's where I 1st learned to eat brownies

(Editor's Note: Did the brownies bite back is the REAL question here. )


Topic: How long until the Yankees take over the AL East lead?

Originally Posted by NIGHT STALKER

Like a summer beach chair at Jones Beach, the Sox will fold after Labor Day.

(Editor's Note: I love folding socks - it's my favorite part of doing laundry. 1978, anyone?)


Originally Posted by mdrago4

I'm honestly really creeped out right now.

Originally Posted by ecurb2369


(The Message: "hey beans, please disregard, small joke." - mdrago4)

(Editor's Note: No - I wanted everyone to see the joke. Of course you now have some explaining to do...)


Topic: ****The Official Hard Knocks Viewing Thread****

Originally Posted by Bugg


It's HIS fault, not mine.

(Editor's Note: So, if Jerome Bettis played for Herm at some point in his career, would people be thrown under Jerome? Not my joke, so don't blame me for it...)


And this week's winner:

Originally Posted by ecurb2369

Any idea how long of a toss that was from Chad to Jmac?? Just to shove in Barton's face... because I heard he hit him in stride as well..

Originally Posted by Jetcane

Coles, Cotchery, Leon, Smith, Jones, are all guys who can take it to the house on YAC. CP's role is to get them the ball, not chuck it 50 yards downfield. C'mon, now. He is healthy, but he wasnt reborn.

Congrats to Jetcane on his winning post. There are two great things about this post - 1. it's spot on target for describing what the Jets need from Pennington to be successful and 2. it's funny. Unless Chad's new name is Steve, he's pretty much not ever going to have a bionic arm. He could, however, be a very effective QB with good receivers and a running game. It appears that the receivers and the running back are in place, the big question is the O-Line - will it get the job done. I love this post by JC - it spekas the truth and makes you laugh. Nice work, Jetcane. Wear the badge with pride this week:


Runner-up of the Week goes to joewilly - he may have won this thing if this was June with anyone of the lines he threw out there this week. Thanks for the laughs, jw.

That's all for this week, folks - maybe I'll see you at TC on Monday.

Y'all STAY cool -


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great work as usual beans.......... how you're comments don't get nominated each week i'll never know. wait, yes I know. it's cause we're all too absorbed in ourselves to step up, coupled with my lack of technology to cut em out of the whole thread.

great win jetcane & congrats.......don't let it go to yer head though. we need all available space in there for tc & milf news

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great work as usual beans.......... how you're comments don't get nominated each week i'll never know. wait, yes I know. it's cause we're all too absorbed in ourselves to step up, coupled with my lack of technology to cut em out of the whole thread.

Nah - no need for that, but thanks for the thought. :)

Thanks, GB.

All I can say is if the OL can get it together, the offense is going to be lot of fun to watch this season. YAC BEBE, YAC!


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Didn't see it, drago - where's it at?

it was above the post where i nominated myself (which was a joke, since i was doing the same as dwc...anyway, same thread...). Trust me when i say its better that you missed it.

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Originally Posted by The Troll

I love the mock outrage over this. They should definitely put an asterick in the record books with Bonds' name. Two spaces above the asterick with Babe Ruth's name that says he played against only white players.

That's a ridiculous comment. Half the guys pitching in the majors today - white, black, green, whatever- wouldn't have cracked a line-up in Ruth's day.

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GreenBeans and his work here are truly the best.

Great job!

Thank you, Scott.

it was above the post where i nominated myself (which was a joke, since i was doing the same as dwc...anyway, same thread...). Trust me when i say its better that you missed it.

Ahhhhh, gotcha. :D

Congrats JC.

Beans, outstanding job as usual!

PS: Can we asterisk out my user name and the word ass with the word filter?

eeehh.. nevermind.

Thanks Bill - enjoying your new gig?

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I'd just like to point out that my one and only nomination this week ended up being the winner. Obviously me and Beans think alike, and if there was ever an heir to the POTW thread throne, it is surely myself lol

:D Poor guy thinks like a legume. :D

You're the man, brett. :D

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