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A-Rod on his way to being greatest ever


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After reading this what can A-Rod not do- we will start to call him Superman- a little bit overboard in praise to call him one of the greatest ever.

Disrespecting even some of the great players ever on the Yankees like Joe D.

Still waiting for him to be on a winning team-

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Ty Cobb's numbers shouldn't be tossed aside simply because "he was a racist". He's still the greatest player of all-time, and all the others mentioned will always be better than A-Rod, despite them being alcoholics, assholes, or mama's boys.

"Never offending anyone" isn't a tiebreaker in determining who the greatest of all time is.

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I count hitters and pitchers seperate in my Greatest of all time list, but in my mind A-rod still is behind the following on the GOAT list:

babe ruth

ty cobb

teddy ballgame

lou gehrig

pops lloyd

josh gibson

willie mays

nap lajoie

honus wagner

stan musial

rogers hornsby

joe dimaggio

hank aaron

barry bonds*

jimmie foxx

hank greenberg

mickey mantle

johnny bench

geogre sisler

sam crawford

thats a long-ass list, but I think A-rod could possibly end up in the top 10 if he has 3-4 more great seasons.

by the way, that list isnt in order. Ruth, Cobb and Williams are my top 3, but after that I have a hard time ranking them.

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Great? Yes.

Greatest? No.

A-Rod might put up numbers no ones touches until the next round of designer roids. He might bring legitmacy to the HR total if Bonds should ever break Aaron's mark, but as far as being the greatest, that is another thing altogether.

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The only thing that can make Arods case improve is if he helps deliver a ring. Period.

Rings are team accomplishments.

No one player can make that happen. See Ted Williams and Ernie Banks as two examples of players who are head and shoulders better than any 96-2000 Yankee player yet they never won a ring.

Yank fans like to use this ring requirement against Arod because it aides their Jeter is better argument.

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