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Angry favre claims he did not hurt Packers- NY Post

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Post Staff Report

Brett Favre says he's 'spending no time trying to help the Packers lose. I've got enough on my plate.'Last updated: 2:28 pm

October 22, 2008

An angry Brett Favre spent most of his weekly press conference today admitting he talked to Lions president Matt Millen but denying he gave him any information that would have helped against the Packers six weeks ago.

"I'm sure his intentions were to fish me for information. He just asked me how we attacked them last year," Favre said of Millen's phone call to him. "We attacked them pretty good.

"I didn't give him any game planning. I haven't been in that offense in over a year. I don't know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple."

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported Sunday that "Earlier this year, Brett Favre called the Detroit Lions, starting off with (former GM) Matt Millen and then the coaching staff and gave them a 90-minute dissertation on every single thing that the Green Bay Packers do on offense."

Favre said it was Millen who called him, invited him hunting in nearby Bethlehem, Pa., where Millen lives, and that football was discussed.

Favre said it was a 15-20 minute conversation during his ride home from the JetsNew York Jets ' training facility in Florham Park.

"To be spending whatever time giving away another game plan is totally not true," Favre said. "It's ridiculous for both sides. It's unfair for this team and for those guys up there in Green Bay."

Favre, clearly agitated, said he recalled completing 22 straight passes in the first meeting with the Lions last season, but claimed he did not provide more detail than the fact his team used a spread formation in that game.

"I don't want to make this bigger than it is," Favre said. "I can assure you it wasn't anything."

Favre said former players and coaches exchange information all the time -- "It happens more than you know" -- and claimed he would not go out of his way to harm the Packers, who traded him to the Jets during training camp after rejecting his comeback attempt in favor of Aaron Rodgers.

Favre said some players may be "brainwashed" to think he has that agenda.

"I wouldn't say [there's] anger as much as 'Here we go again,'" Favre said. "I wish those guys well in Green Bay. I have a lot of friends, not only as far as teammates are concerned but coaches and just people in general there.

"It's unfortunate the way things went down this offseason. But there's no hard feelings. I'm happy to be here and [i'm] getting ready for the Chiefs.

"Believe me, I'm trying my best to help this team win, the New York Jets, and spending no time trying to make sure the Packers lose. I've got enough on my plate, believe me."

Favre, who speaks to the media once a week on Wednesdays, spent the first 16 minutes of an 18-minute press conference talking about the Lions report. He then answered two football-related questions and departed.

Favre also said it was Cowboys QB Tony Romo who called him for advice after breaking his finger, not the other way around.

"I did not call the Lions nor did I call Tony Romo, so ... I don't know what else to tell everyone, but I'm not calling people."

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Favre spends more time talking about his history as a Packer than he does on this season with the Jets. One thing I've noticed from the word go.

Yeah but in his defense, people were slamming him, from our own pats fans to some of my non-football watching friends. I cursed one of my friends out for it, now I will link him this article.

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Favre spends more time talking about his history as a Packer than he does on this season with the Jets. One thing I've noticed from the word go.

And this is what you're going to get from here on out. "But seriously fellas. Enough about my team, lets talk about me."

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He should be pissed. It's hard to believe that Favre would stay on the phone for 90 minutes, let alone with Millen and the Lions inept coaching staff.

Heck, if he wanted to talk to an inept coaching staff, all he has to do is walk down the hall.

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