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The Office Mafia Game Thread

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As you may have heard, Michael Scott is planning to leave Dunder Mifflin. Some people are taking it harder than others, and some of you see this as an opportunity to shake things up.

A small group of Dunder Mifflin employees (who may or may not include Michael Scott himself) have secretly banded together to try and shape the future of the company in a way that suits them best. If you don’t stay on their good side, they will connive, cheat, and lie to get you fired.

Office supplies are going missing, desks are being ransacked, some of you are losing clients without warning. You all have noticed that something is amiss, and every day, you can vote someone out of the office to try to rid yourselves of this distressing threat.

But man, someone is taking this much harder than the rest. I hope they’re all right.



1) There will be items in this game that grant special abilities. It’s your choice whether to use a particular item when you receive it, but whether you use it or not, you MUST pass the item to another player the following night phase unless otherwise specified. You will choose who you give the item to, but there is no guarantee that the item will safely arrive.

For example, if a player receives multiple items from other players in the same night phase, the player must choose to keep only one item. The other(s) will be randomly redistributed.

When you receive an item, you will be able to use its ability immediately.

Town, scum, and third party can all use these items. It’s possible for town, scum and/or third party to receive items.

Items will first be distributed during Night 1, unless otherwise specified.

When a person holding an item is eliminated from the game, other players will have the chance to claim the item by correctly answering show-related or game-related questions. I will set a time in advance to be fair, and the first person to PM me with the correct answer after I post the question will win the item.

2) Role reveals will be capped at 3 per day cycle. In other words, only three people are allowed to reveal each day phase, and ANY extra “hinting” will be a mod kill, regardless of your alignment.

Revealing information about an item you have/had in your possession will count toward the 3-reveal limit.

3) I will allow name reveals, but they will count toward the 3-per-day restriction. If you heavily hint in a way that even a monkey could guess which character you are, I’m counting it as a name reveal.

I also warn you, it’s not in the best interest for some of you to let people know who you are.

Hint: Don’t necessarily assume a player is town-sided because you think they’re “good” on the show. I didn’t care about that aspect when making the setup, so you shouldn’t, either. I intentionally constructed the game so that character revealing will not put non-town players at a disadvantage. Remember, any character can be town, scum, or third party, regardless of their role/loyalties on the show itself.

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Not sure that its the best idea to allow items from dead players to go to people who know the show. And this is coming from someone who consistently watches it.

Don't worry -- I'll still pass you a weapon. Deadliest mafia player out there...to yourself.

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We don't need weapons.



I've probably broken some kind of record for most kills by a rookie player.

Probably? No. Definitely. Best addition ever.

I'll laugh if you two end up getting on the scum team together. That would make for one of the most entertaining scum threads ever.

I've never been scum without Vic (or JVoR at that). I wouldn't even know what to do

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Every game there is an item, I have NEVER gotten one. Always on the outside looking in to the cool-kid circle of item using.

you pissed off the wrong people last game... it didn't take much convincing on anyones part to make you the the N1 victim. Try incorporating a more amiable approach like yours truly.

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I can't wait for the part where the stupid ape and CTurdM say they're not going to argue - then 10 minutes later they start arguing.

and i'm sure the pacmule will be there instigating

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I can't wait for the part where the stupid ape and CTurdM say they're not going to argue - then 10 minutes later they start arguing.

I'd much prefer to watch Crusher bicker with his toilet seat. I hope that the latter is at least a possible alternate for this game.

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