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Cheer up Jets fans- look at Buffalo's QB problems

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That's the main Issue Klecko under extreme pressure you do revert back. One thing that really bothers me about the Jets organization the last 5+ years is the over abundance of "project players" we have had more than our fill of that and most of them just don't make it. Brandon Moore was an exception but he was much further back than what's going on the last few years. Its also seems every high draft pick we make has some kind of issue attached as well. Its gets old for a fan like myself (and probably you as well) whose been dealing with the jets crap for so long it just begins to make you angry at times.


Think about this ...since Joe Namath who is the last QB we drafted that really burst on the scene and played well out of  the box ? Penny ? That's about it and maybe Obrien who promptly blew out his arm in 86 after having one of the best ten game stretches in the history of the team by far. We really are due for a break at the QB position


You revert back if you haven't changed your muscle memory.  Once you've learned and ingrained the "correct" way and it has become habitual, you don't revert back.


I understand your anger and frustration with the Jets.  You're right that many of our top picks have had issues, and it does get old.  The thing is with Geno, is that he was the consensus top collegiate QB and they got him in the 2nd round.  If he only develops into a backup or not at all, it's not a huge loss.  For a team in desperate need of an upgrade at QB, it's a worthy gamble.  Would I rather he had played in a pro-type offense in college?  Heck yes, but unfortunately there wasn't one of those guys highly rated, and even if there had been, unless the Jets had traded up to get him, they wouldn't have had a shot at him as some other team would have snapped him up.


Look at how many absolutely horrible QBs hang on in the NFL because of the scarcity of good QBs.  The Jets have had some bad luck with QBs, but they also have created that bad luck with the horrible owners they've had who have made horrible hires for GM and HC.  They could have taken Marino, but didn't because of the pot issue.  They passed on Brady.  They screwed the pooch on getting Favre young.  Some think they screwed the pooch on getting Peyton Manning (but I've seen contradictory stories on that).  They passed on Brady like all the other teams did.  They didn't have to trade up for Sanchez.  They could have signed a vet like Garcia to start for a couple of years and waited a draft or two to try to get their QB of the future.  The draft Sanchez was in was not the draft to try to find your franchise QB.  How many years have they drafted a QB and what caliber of QB Coaches have they hired?  For a team that's been lacking in excellent QB play, they haven't drafted that many QBs over the years and certainly have not gone out and hired one of the better QB coaches.  They've always been happy with whatever schlub they can find.


You didn't respond to my comments about the system that Geno played in at WVU and why his fundamentals aren't better.  What are your thoughts on that?  Did you ever see Geno play at WVU?  I did a number of times, and he looked very, very good.  I truly believe that once he gets his fundamentals down solid (if they will give him the time to do that), your opinion of him will change.  His accuracy will come back.  His reading of Ds will prove to be very good, and the Jets will have a very good QB at last and one who seldom gives the ball away to the other team.  I know it's hard to be patient yet again, when we've been so patient before and been disappointed, but what option do we really have?  At this point unless Simms proves to be a revelation, Geno is our best hope for having a quality QB any time soon.  Even if the Jets wind up picking the in the top 3, there's no guarantee that any of the QBs who are considered to be the cream of the crop of next year's draft class will be any better or that the Jets will be able to get one of them.  There may wind up only being two and the two teams picking ahead of the Jets may grab both of them, or even if they are lucky enough to get one of them, he may take some time to develop. All players have flaws/issues.  There's no such thing as a perfect player.  Guys like Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees become such big stars because they are so rare.

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