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Mafia forum off season chat thread

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Why do you enjoy bastard modding so much?



Games with puzzles to solve while I **** with the players is an enjoyable mod experience.  Bastard games are my favorite, and my specialty.




Mod a game with no mafia just to screw with people.


They win when they all agree to no lynch.


Already been done, by Doggin, and on this board.  EY broke the game open - this was maybe 2008-9.....




**** you for using the word appetite in this post.  



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DCL rule 145:


Have sex before any date to see if the person is worth spending time with.  At least this way you know it's worth acting like your interested in what they are saying.  


DCL taught his Boopsie well.


Well. I warned him I'm going to be completely miserable next week since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out, and he offered to come over with soup and a milkshake. 


Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

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I can't even tell anymore if the majority of people are trolling on the main board.  The whining is at an all time high. 



I've given up having any logical conversations or debates about Football.  The finger pointing from the morons that have no clue is definitely at an all time high.  Its terrible.  The content sucks.  I'll pots some game/player thoughts here and there but I'm done with everything else.  The clique of asshats haters are too much on the main board.  Its not enjoyable anymore.  





Haha, what a pair of sissies you make.



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