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Women make everything more difficult.


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Yeah, it's Labor Day, but I've got work to do. No problem - with my laptop and access to the servers at the office, I can do it at home.


Except, I can't.


First, my wife decides I need to hear a long dissertation on grocery-related matters. Then, she decides to watch "The View" at about twice the necessary volume. Who in Hell can work with Whoopi F'ing Goldberg and Jenny F'ing McCarthy screeching about nothing? Then, the wife decides today is the day she needs to "really clean" the living room. That not only means there's no quiet in the room where I'm trying to work, but my active participation is needed to move furniture while she vacuums.


Now, apparently, I need to make supper.


I should have just gone to the office. I'd have been done in half a day.

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