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Injustice Game Thread


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I don't think so specifically, no.  It's really two simple points:


1 -- She and you were the two I had discussed for some time at that point.  She was actually my 1 and you my 2.  I didn't feel great about either of you and I had a shot coming up I had to take.  Off the top of my head I don't remember why.

2 -- I was going to hold off, but the game was absolutely dead.  It's one thing for it to be the weekend but I feel like we got a good bit in to Monday (if not all day...I'm pretty sure I shot Monday night late) with little to no activity.  No one was active at that point (and we hadn't had several days of specific individuals not showing up), so I couldn't just aim at someone inactive either.


That's basically it.  BTW -- down to 2-3 posts left before I can shoot.



Shoot Darthe. Lynch Jif.


I'm cool with this...could also vote darhe and shoot JiF.

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80 ISO

Tells Ape that the padding is getting the game going but that it should ease up later on. Adds that someone with a high GRC could be either alignment ie we won’t be able to make much of it till later on. True enough. 
Votes Pac. Is this a running joke between them? I thought Verbal was his gf.
Tells Krak off when he whines about the nested quotes. Heh.
He says he has a feeling smart JN players will end up getting drowned by DMers. But it should be funny to see Ape melt down. Okay.
When Despot says that LK is the towniest player in the game, 80 says that LK is usually erratic, which makes him suspect. Gets annoyed at the trending talk and says he wants Des to die quick. And yet he doesn’t actually vote him at any point.
When Lee mentions that Hallia hasn’t even checked in, he moves his vote to Hallia to get her to show.
Lee asks him what he makes of JC. He says he didn’t like him buddying Hess. Says he’s not good at reading JC but that he’s willing to go there to test the waters.
Once Kivam announces that he’s looking to sub Hallia, he moves his vote to JC. Says he’s voting to pressure JC and see how he responds. 35 minutes later he unvotes and votes Darthe (a bit after Kiv announces that he’s subbing in for Halli). I don’t really understand this vote, considering Darthe JUST subbed in so the whole ‘voting halli to show’ was moot. And wasn’t he planning to lean on JC?
Wombat says that 80 nudged with a built in hedge and then backs off and votes Darthe for lulz. Which is basically my point above. Says his posts suck balls and votes him. 80’s retort is basically dropping an OMGUS vote on Wombat without an actual reply. 
Goes on a row of STFU HESS to Wombat and JC cause they were wearing the same avatar. Jokes around with AVM with some pics. Jokes around more.
Eggs on Smash and AVM to vote Wombat. 
Soft defends Hess when Barm says that he plays weird. Says that Hess is a fellow lunatic. There’s nothing normal about how he plays. He’s always town. Bla bla bla. Who was buddying Hess now?
Says he’s gonna reread the whole game now that he has some time.
He quotes the whole exchange early on with Smash, Des, JC and Barm where Smash didn’t get that GRCs were individual and miscounted. He adds that it’s an interesting exchange… that Smash seems over-eager…. and how this makes Smash an informative lynch. Not sure if he actually goes back to this to say what he inferred from Smash’s flip. 
Quotes JC offering to hammer Smash if someone puts him at L-1. Says he’s even more intrigued to see Smash’s flip. Says he feels pretty good about Verbal as town. FoSes Leelou for jumping on JC after she looked confused at the FoSes in his direction.
Says he doesn’t like Ape’s post where he complains about the game. Says that AVM started his tunnel vision on Wombat and that it’s not good. Weird, considering he was voting him himself early on and egging on AVM to vote him too lol   Says he kinda likes Krak as town. Says a post of Pac sucks where he lols about people doing cases a couple of hours into the game. He claims that Pac is usually one of the first to get a game going. No idea if this is accurate.
Moves on to quoting AVM saying that Hess is town so he has nothing to worry about. 80 says AVM is buddying Hess and it’s no bueno. This is, again, funny, considering he told Barm Hess is always town and so on. I get that the root of it is a running joke but even then…did he have a town read on Hess? His main concern seems to be people who he feels are buddying Hess by stating he’s town, when he’s been basically doing the same.
Quotes JC and says he pushed Des’ lynch the most. 80 said he wanted Des dead but didn’t actually get on his train at any point. That’s not a good look either.
Accuses Wombat of talking out of his ass. Ie saying Des looks scummy but at the same time casting suspicion on the people on his train.
Notes a couple of posts where he claims Smash is whinning about GRC padding. Says he needs to get lynched.
Quotes another post of Ape where he thinks he sounds whiny and questions when does he ever do this.
Quotes a post where AVM tells Hess that he’s his favorite and says more buddying. Jelly much? lol
FoSes Wombat a bit more about him lecturing Des to look townie.
Suggests Wombat and AVM might be scummates.
Compiles a town list of: Crusher, Nolder, LK, JiF, Lily, Jvor, Hess and me. 
Corrects himself and says Lee’s accusations on JC came after Des’ lynch so he feels better about her. Fair enough.
Questions if Hess knew more than the rest of us concerning Des’ alignment
Tells Smash to STFU. Reiterates that he feels better about Lee.
When Wombat flips he says good riddance since he was hard after him (*snerk*) for no reason. Makes a point of saying he didn’t shoot him. Kind of a weird reaction.
Votes Smash and says his catchup is meaningless now so he’s gonna stop. So he stopped around page 25. I don’t really understand why it was meaningless to continue rereading the game.
Tries to nudge Smash’s train by asking AVM why he doesn’t want to lynch Smash and asking him how come he hasn’t even mentioned Smash once.  Pretty sure he has.
When Smash flips he is fussy about Smash not showing to reveal, mock frustration bla bla bla. 
He says that AVM looks better after the flip cause he pointed out that Smash was prolly a PR. Votes JC. Explains to Lily why he thinks AVM looks better. Adds that he won’t be voting AVM.
Chastises Nolder on how he missed AVM tunnel visioining wombat all game. Prolly the same way he missed AVM mentioning Smash. :tongue: He adds that he missed AVM claiming the shot on Wombat and doesn’t know what to make of it.
Tells AVM it would be freaking awesome if he was a SK and called his shot. 
When Hess asks if someone wants to look into Leelou and Crusher, 80 replies with ‘Not really’. Has an exchange with Hess where he asks what did they do and Hess says they’ve been scummy. No specifics.
Lily says that 80 and AVM are her strongest town reads. He says … or maybe he and AVM are scumbros and pulled off a brilliant gambit. >.>
Next 80 says that the case JC (ie the person he’s currently voting) did on Crusher was compelling enough to think he might be town. So he moves his vote to Crusher for pressure.
Ape notes that he could switch Krak with 80 on his suspect list because 80 has been attributing his votes to other people. 80 says he’d be willing to vote Krak too. Says that he could also vote JVOR, Barm, Darthe or Leelou.  Jvor was in his initial town list. Kinda wondering what changed. Especially since later on he says the whole Ape vs. Jvor looked like town on town. When Hess was pushing for Leelou to get looked into 80 said no and said he felt overall okay about her. The others I don’t really recall him mentioning much so not sure where this list came from.
When Lee casts a vote on Hess by saying he hasn’t done much and he should get some pressure, 80 slaps her with a vote, saying that is the kind of vote he makes as town but not her. Wha?
Afterwards Nolder nudges to consolidate and 80 unvotes and votes Crusher, going all bla, he can’t read anyone this game. He says he feels better about JC so he’ll go back to one of his scum reads who is on JC’s train and votes Crusher. Again, where did this come from? Crusher wasn’t on the above list of people he’s willing to lynch and when Hess asked if someone was going to look into Crusher… he said no. So…. What gives?
Has a bit of an exchange with AVM on how he hates it when he misreads him. And how well Hess reads him.
Says he almost forgot Barm was in the game. Interesting considering a couple of days ago he had him in his ‘willing to lynch’ list.
Soft defends JVOR by saying he doesn’t want to lynch Ape or JVOR cause otherwise the game would be boring.
Once Ape says he’s starting to get a townie vibe from Crusher’s reactions, 80 says perhaps but that he wants to get Crusher’s reveal. He also says that AVM is climbing the list.
Next post he gives a read list:
He has a blue/town read on: Nolder, Barm, Hess, Lizzie. I find the town read on Barm funny considering he went from his scum list, to not remembering he was playing to his town pile in a matter of days. Kinda missing the progression here.
His black/nulls are: Leelou, Verbal, Elu, JiF, Ape, JC, me, Krak, JVOR, Darthe. Again, kinda weird. His posts seemed to show him progressively liking JC more but he placed him in his null list. Darthe, JVOR, Krak were people he said he was willing to lynch, which implies he has more than a null read on them.
Red/scum reads are AVM and Crusher, though he says he’s wavering on Crusher. So AVM is basically his top scum read at this point.
Then on the next post he expands. He says that the whole Ape/JVOR exchange seems town on town. So why aren’t they on his town list?
Leelou he says he’s unsure of so she stays null. Fair enough.
Says Hess, Nolder and Lizzie are obvious townies. And follows up with asking if we can just lynch Darthe or Verbal. Shouldn’t he want to lynch one of AVM or Crusher?
Says AVM could very well be a cocky SK. Mentions that he won the last game in that role. Adds that it’s definitely something he’d do as SK.
Nolder questions him, asking why he has a town read on Hess and a scum read on AVM. He replies with: Just trying to pretend to contribute lol
When AVM gives the ultimatum of him or Ape, 80 says this suits him just fine and lets see how it plays out. 
When AVM’s GRC count gets reset, 80 asks if this means we should kill Ape. Gross.
Between the whole Ape/AVM exchanges he tells Ape he’s playing well but that that should looks for scum. Asks if Crusher revealed already. When Ape gets annoyed he tells him he’s just being active and how Ape makes everything about him. Bla bla bla. Tells Ape to relax, cause his vote isn’t on him.
Then he asks Ape why are we making this day all about lynching one of AVM and Ape. Which first of all, lol, considering his earlier reaction to AVM’s ultimatum. Plus he clearly saw that AVM was the one who set things in motion…. So this question is kinda weird.
When Crusher points out that Kivam should replace inactives cause it would be a shame if there’s scum in them, 80 says he’s making sense and moves his vote from Crusher to Elu. 
Then today he shows saying he’s in a vacation somewhere and asking if he died already. 

Tldr, I am missing progression on most of his reads. He keeps throwing them around without any reasoning or consistency. Saying someone is obviously super townie is not a reason. I can sort of see his progression on JC and Lee’s read. But his reads on others remain unclear, as I pointed out in the ISO.
I’m not a fan of the compiled read list he provided. He has a ton of nulls and it doesn’t seem to match up with the reads he shared beforehand. Also, I don't like him voting wombat, egging on his lynch and then saying AVM has been tunneling Wombat. Not loving him nudging along the Ape/AVM face off either.
I'd like to see an updated read list from him and explanations for them.



Is he scum or town Nyn...quit beating around the bush.

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Did he say he *has* to hammer? I think he claimed hammering is what gives him reset protection. 


Worth it to try to reset him now that he supposedly doesn't have it? 


I threw some bullsh*t out there to keep the scum team guessing.  Please don't waste the reset on me.  Just a waste of resources IMHO.

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Not really much of anything and the way Sili was acting around the lynch was similar to the way he was acting last game he was scum and the way he was treating a teammate. 

o.O kay so i know i haven't read the thread, but you've misrepresented my meta. I don't know if that's because you're trying to subvert a krak wagon, or if it's genuinely what you think, but i reacted to my lynch this way as town and scum once i'd accepted it. Furthermore, I bussed my teammates as the marlfox out of necessity, and in that game I never once hammered them until I had to.


Scum isn't losing here, and scum have no reason to bus their own. They need 2 mislynches or something.

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tl;dr, Reaction is null, usually, though probably town in this context because my lynch is unnacceptable if I were aiming for only two mislynches. And my hammer of scum is entirely a town tell.


Pretend your town for a minute...why does your statement not scream...inject fear...also, did you ever answer the mail from the other poster?  Why did darhe play the way he did?  what in your role would cause him to play that way? thanks in advance.

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Sure. Playing a couple games at once while being a mod for another so it will take time, but I'll get to it.


I get why me saying those things is sketchy.  I would have prefered not to be the one to state the obvious, but it is objectively true. It's -1 to scum what I did there, even if I myself were scum.

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I'm going to start with Krak, becuase he's the one that bit on my "break the game" reaction test and then it felt like someone coached him up to stay away from the game.


Vote Krak


What was the point of that reaction test?

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Sure. Playing a couple games at once while being a mod for another so it will take time, but I'll get to it.


I get why me saying those things is sketchy.  I would have prefered not to be the one to state the obvious, but it is objectively true. It's -1 to scum what I did there, even if I myself were scum.



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Anyway, Krak is scum... he's the one that was going gang-busters trying to get me lynched during Thanksgiving week. Once I out-logic'ed him it seemed like he got told to tuck-tail.


lolololol quit bitching about that d00d.

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No worries...had you as town from your previous play...just provide a detailed diagnosis when you can...ok?


Sure. There will be quite a few nulls and uncertainties, which at this point in the game I would totally call out as a scum read. But, you know, extenuating circumstances and what not. 


Strong town reads: 





These three have claimed something and those claims seem pretty believable. 


Weak town reads:





Weak scum reads and/or at least leaning scummy in my eyes:





These people I've swapped my opinion of at least 5 times in the course of my read through, and have just given up on at this point:





Everyone else is null. I'd actually almost put JiF in null too, even though I have a vote out for him right now. Seems like he's just talking out of his ass at this point. 



Well, looking over this, I'd certainly not call it a detailed analysis... but it's something, yeah? I'll keep working at it. The more I actively engage and play, the more I'll be able to contribute. 

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How can you think that? Even though Sili has made a lot of posts he hasn't actually SAID much.

Were there any posts in particular that stood out?


Sili has been scum one time as far as I'm aware.  When he was scum he just sheeped a lot, went with the general flow, and played up the frazzled "Idk what to do here" townie.  Probably a good place to start looking for his wolf game, but I think he's got potential enough to change it up if this is his second scum game.  Especially if Darthe is coaching him - which would be a hilarious combination.

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Sure. Playing a couple games at once while being a mod for another so it will take time, but I'll get to it.


I get why me saying those things is sketchy.  I would have prefered not to be the one to state the obvious, but it is objectively true. It's -1 to scum what I did there, even if I myself were scum.

Sometimes someone has to take one for the team. When that happens, the rest of the team makes the most of it and tries to come out of it looking clean. Have you not played this game before?


Hammering scum doesn't auto prove you to be town. Especially in such a long, drawn out phase like JVOR's was. 

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I've changed my mind.


IMHO I think Krak lost interest in this game.

I don't know whether he's town or mafia but whichever I think at some point the game got ahead of him and he didn't care enough to catch up and dive back into it.

I think there are probably better lynches with regards to low activity but given that there was resistance/no action on those trains and this one seems to be going smoothly I'm guessing Krak is an inactive townie.




I like how you can read me, but I don't think this is outside of your wolf range.

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Sometimes someone has to take one for the team. When that happens, the rest of the team makes the most of it and tries to come out of it looking clean. Have you not played this game before?


Hammering scum doesn't auto prove you to be town. Especially in such a long, drawn out phase like JVOR's was. 

OF course, but I think that wouldn't have been the right time to hammer a teammate. Plus I sort of started off advocating for his lynch not yet knowing anything about the game state. /shrug.


Though it doesn't autoprove me being town (nothing should for anyone), it's less likely to have come from my wolf meta.

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