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The Who Should/Should Not Be Remotely Considered for HC

The Gun Of Bavaria

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I can give you a hand on Tim Lewis. The Giants D, without the pass rush is pathetic. The secondary is absolutely horrible and the linebackers are adequate. Strahan and Umenyiora generated an excellent pass rush to cover up their inadequacies. I see nothing special in Lewis.

Haslett- There is no defense :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

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Should(only adding to the list)-

Add -

Jim Bates


If it's going to be a retread, I have no problem with Fassel. Don't be fooled by the polite demeanor. I think he learned some hard lessons about being a players' coach at the end. He's still a very smart guy. And he was also smart enough to surround himself with good people-Mike Nolan, Sean Payton, John Fox. And by the same token, didn't hesitate to demote Payton when it didn't work midseason. Not his fault Collins vaporlocked at the sight of Ray Lewis.

Wannstedt, Schottenheimer, Haslett, Vitt, Sherman-hopefully just Bradway using the expense account at some decent restaurants with cronies until he gets to the real candidates uopn availablity.

Again, as opposed to 2001-get it right rather than done soon. If it takes until after the Super Bowl, so be it.

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Tim Lewis is the coordinator of an overachieving crappy defense. Pass.

Jim Haslett is a leader and has won before. He has experience. I want experience.

Yeah he did wonders in New Orleans


2005: 3-13

2004: 8-8

2003: 8-8

2002: 9-7

2001: 7-9

2000: 10-6

2 Winning seasons, 1 playoff appearance. Pass

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