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The Berkley Slugger?


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1 minute ago, PS17 said:

Love Brooklyn Heights. See you on the R train. (or maybe the 2 3 4 5)

Or the A, C, F...  really the gateway to everywhere, there. Love the promenade and the whole neighborhood. 

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2 hours ago, KRL said:

Totally different players.  Davis is an elite athlete with good range, good hands
and the ability to deliver a big shot.  Pryor's one talent was the ability to deliver
big shots.  But his inability to take good angles and poor range basically eliminated
the one talent he had

he did basically  completely derail devin smiths entire career though.


Glad to see him produce a little this year for the cowboys, wouldnt be upset at taking a look at him again if he was cut with them signing Lamb..

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