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OT - Lets Go Rangers! (Stanley Cup Run)

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Scratching the kid line made no sense. They could be a liability on D, but at this point they were the only ones with fresh legs and seemed to always move the puck around the best in the zone. Playing Strome who was obviously injured, and even when not, usually invisible, was indefensible

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4 hours ago, section314 said:

You have him. His name is Lafrenniere. He is a special player, and he raised his game to a new level. He showed his obvious physical talents, but he also showed a nastiness and toughness that fits the bill. other than your goalie, I thought he had the best series of anyone else. 

I didn't see it in the playoffs BUT, I hope, I really hope,  

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On 6/12/2022 at 2:14 AM, Green Ghost said:

All credit to Tampa Bay. 
They turned this series upside down and completely throttled a very game Rangers team.

We had a wonderful season. It hurts right now having it end the way it did, but I can take some solace in the fact that we lost to the 2x defending champs, going for #3. We gave them all they could handle, they were the better team though, and now I’ll root for them to get the Cup.

That will make it much sweeter when we return the favor and kick their a**es next year.

We made them sweat, no doubt about it. We just ran out of gas and were out coached imo as well. Those 7 games series against Pens and Canes took a lot out of them. You could see in game 3 against Tampa they just lost their edge midway in 2nd period. It was all downhill from there. And they had no way to slow down Stamkos, who single handedly won the series for Tampa. We need a dynamo scorer like that. Someone mentioned Bergeron. I like what GM Drury has done and I’m sure some moves will be made this off season. Since he took over, this team is quite different.  It was a great run and totally unexpected. We have the workings of something special. 

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