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Roasting Brady Quinn


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He took a shot saying something outlandish figuring it is the jets so it is due to come true. Kind of like betting on red after black hits 10 times in a row, but black just keeps on hitting.

He can get away with it because outside of maybe 1000 people, no one knows who the hell he is.

He is irrelevant.   

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39 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

Because it’s just fun 


Brady Quinn is the same dope that failed as an NFL QB he didn't do his homework on a talented Jets team he just felt the Jets would fail cause Rookies and cause Zach Wilson. Thing is we are winning in spite of just how terribly bad Wilson is, he's just plain bad. Sure no mistakes but he takes zero chances and just about any QB in the NFL can do that if they so choose. When a QB constantly misses open WR's, Constantly can't his runners in stride, and constantly can't or has no idea how to navigate the pocket can we really call that mistake free football ? 

Breece Hall was the main reason this offense was beginning the "get It" I've said it a million times what a dynamic back can do for a football team that's why I wanted to spend the draft pick on a RB for years  now it back to 6 or 7  3 and outs a game with Zach sh*tting all over himself . 

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