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Zach and Becton to play in HOF game

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17 hours ago, hawk said:

I wouldn't be surprised if either Wilson or Becton are traded before the regular season starts.  

Get as much exposure in both as you can see what offers come in.

I am rooting for Wilson, especially to sit and learn from Rodgers.  I just have no faith he will ever have the courage to stand in the pocket.  JMO


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On 7/30/2023 at 2:02 PM, rangerous said:

Good moves. Zach needs to get his game together and becton needs to get confidence in his knee back.  It’s gonna be interesting to see who the other starters are.

Aren’t UPS truckers on strike? I can see a UPS QB having a higher Qb rating than Zachary in this game.

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On 7/30/2023 at 2:21 PM, Sarge4Tide said:

The HOF game is going to be a great opportunity to see most on the bubble players get significant playing time. Not saying Zach and abecton are on the bubble, but guys like Brownlee and Charles at WR, Schweitzer, Cajuste,  and Colon on the OL, Mack on the DL, etc.

Plus the 5 interesting rookie UDFAs on defense - LB Johnson, Hall, and Cherelus / S Waters and Dean should all play a lot 

This game must be like crack for you ;).

I can see you furiously updating the depth chart between quarters.  

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