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10 things Parcells needs to do


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10 things Parcells needs to do

Dave Hyde | Sports Columnist

December 23, 2007

The question becomes: What now? What does Bill Parcells do first? And please don't fall back on the simple-minded stand-by cliche: Rebuild.

That word has been tossed around as carelessly as Dolphins passes in recent weeks. It's one of those concepts that sounds wonderful, sort of like those 10-minute-a-day language tapes, where a commercial says you can speak fluently after just 30 days.

But just as Parcells hands his quarterbacks 11 commandments on how to act (No. 11: "Don't be a celebrity"), so too should a list be drawn up on what needs to be tackled here first:

1. Recruit New England personnel chief Scott Pioli. This idea has more subplots than MacBeth. Pioli is Bill Belichick's top lieutenant. He is Parcells' son-in-law. New England would fight the hiring as an unallowed lateral move. That he'd work under Parcells like he's working under Belichick. But in his only public comments Parcells stressed he wouldn't run personnel or coach. Randy Mueller has done an understated job and built for the future. But Pioli is the league's best drafter for the past decade and provides the double-blow of weakening the Patriots.

2. Find your kind of coach. Cold-blooded to Cam Cameron? Sure. Deserving? Maybe not. But this isn't just about Cameron's struggles as a rookie coach. This is about conflicting philosophies. The soft-spoken Cameron runs a vertical, passing offense. The in-your-face Parcells believes first in the power game. Don't waste a year playing nice and hoping this works out. As recent years have shown, a wasted start spells a wasted era.

3. Make peace with Jason Taylor. You can't keep him if he leaks poison in the locker room against the coach again. But this should work. Parcells is Taylor's kind of football guy. And Taylor remains the best talent on the roster. He still has two or three good years left. Besides, you'll never get value for him in a trade.

4. Draft Michigan tackle Jake Long. Oh, sure, test if P.T. Barnum is right and try to trade the pick. But Long would do more than solidify the offensive line, giving the Dolphins one solid unit to build on. It also would give a quarterback a better chance to develop. Plus, the quibbles on LSU's Glenn Dorsey is injuries, and he might not be big enough for nose tackle, and the Dolphins have bigger needs than running back Darren McFadden.

5. Don't trade for or use the top pick on a quarterback savior. Lesson No. 1 of this lost Dolphins decade is you can waste precious poker chips fishing for a quarterback. Trust what Mueller, Cameron and others around the league saw in John Beck. Find a veteran insurance policy in the offseason. Draft another quarterback (not with the top pick, considering there's no franchise out there). Oh, and hope you get lucky, which is typically how teams find good quarterbacks.

6. Bring back Zach Thomas. At the right price. It's not $8.75 million that's on his contract. That's not good for the team. If he won't take a cut in pay because he wants out, let him go. But for who he is and what he's done, Thomas should get an incentive-laden contract.

7. Get rid of the Dolphins fight song. Please.

8. Buy a shutdown corner. You have some money. This is a good way to spend it. There are several on the market. New England's Asante Samuel. Seattle's Marcus Trufant. The alphabetically challenged Nnamdi Asomugha of Oakland. Don't look at the stat about the Dolphins gave up the fewest yards passing in the league. That's a measure of how their run defense is awful. Parcells knows the value of a cornerback, having spent his first Cowboys draft pick on Terence Newman. You need help in the secondary. This is a start.

9. Don't be a celebrity vice president of football operations. The beer commercials? The diet ads? The constant fawning to your ESPN and New York media mouthpieces? Enough. They're a tribute to your past. Act like you've done nothing for the simple reason you've done nothing here. You last won a title five stops ago. You haven't won a playoff game in nearly a decade. You need to earn credibility in South Florida, and that means digging in and delivering.

10. Whatever you do, don't watch today's game in Foxborough. It might depress you to the point of reconsidering.

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One very important one in here..GET RID OF THE FIGHT SONG.... it is funny as hell as an opposing fan

My favorite is the way they play it after every single score, no matter what's going on game-wise.

Dolphins losing 35-0 and then kick a 4th-quarter FG? They still play it ...and when you say Miami...you're talkin' SuperBowl...'cause we're the...Mi-am-i Dol-phins...

Even better is the same thing (35-0 or whatever) when they score a late touchdown b/c they play it twice; once for the TD and again for the XP.


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and better is the dance that some of the fans do, spinning around in circles and stuff...the weird thing was I saw Jetfan13 singing and dancing along with them :cheers:

And every time they got a 1st down, the pa announcer would scream ''and that's another Miami Dolphins 1st down!''

We didn't hear that much in the second half. :lol:

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