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Marcus Vick adds to family's Thug-Turd status,,yet again


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Their mom must be so proud.

Michael Vick's Mom: 'They Are Trying to Put My Baby in Jail, and for What?'

michael-david-smithPosted Aug 26th 2007 8:02AM by Michael David Smith

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Although Michael Vick's lawyer says he plans to show remorse and make amends after he pleads guilty to federal conspiracy charges Monday, his mother, Brenda Vick Boddie, doesn't seem to think her son has anything to be remorseful for:

"I gotta be strong for him," Brenda Vick sobbed, standing outside the handsome brick mansion her son bought for her in Suffolk, Va. "It is tough on everybody. They are trying to put my baby in jail, and for what?"

"Everybody makes mistakes," she continued, only hours after her son filed his guilty plea Friday. "Everybody deserves a second chance. He has given his life over to God. He is not a criminal . . . He's a good person. He has a big heart, and it just hurts."

It's not a surprise that a mother whose son is facing prison would react that way, but the way she tries to deny the crimes her son committed may actually hurt Vick. His only chance of ever getting back into the NFL is to show sincere remorse, and if the people around Vick continue to say things like "for what?" and "he is not a criminal," it will be hard for anyone to believe that Vick is sorry for what he's done.

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Marcus has built himself quite a resume.

May 2004 convicted of providing alcohol to three 15 year old girls at his apartment

July 2004 found guilty of reckless driving and possession of marijuana

Suspended for 2004 footbal season for the two arrests

October 2005 gives crowd at West Virginia the finger

December 2005 charged with driving on a suspended license, his 9th traffic arrest while at VT

January 2006, stomps on leg of opposing player with his cleats on national TV

Four days later Vick is dismissed from the VT football program

Back home three days later, Vick is arrested again

January 2006 charged with pulling a gun on a teenager at a McDonalds

December 2006 a girl files a lawsuit against Vick for molesting her and forcing her to have sex with him for two years, starting when she was 15 and he was 20. She also said Vick forced her to have sex with other men and women.

After more traffic stops in 2007 and 2008, you would think Vick would let somebody else drive. Now this incident.

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For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


Nobody's fault but mine,

nobody's fault but mine

If I don't read it my soul be lost

I have a bible in my home,

I have a bible in my home

If I don't read it my soul be lost

father he taught me how to read,

father he taught me how to read

If I don't read it my soul be lost, nobody's fault but mine

Ah, Lord, Lord, nobody's fault but mine

-Blind Willie Johnson

Desire leads to suffering.


Think of something that you want--- I assure you there isn

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this time he doesn't have his brothre to help financially lol

I hear to make extra cash he has set up a Glory Hole in prison. It has a sign that says 'Drill a NFL Superstar', then when you cram him through the hole, for a extra 50 bucks , he will howl like any dog breed you request.

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